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May 08, 2018

8 seductive sites to visit in Greece

May 8th, 2018


If you are planning on visiting the Greek Islands, then be sure to look beyond common destinations the likes of Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini. They may be wonderful destinations, and their respective beauty much to reckon with, but there are also other attractive sites on the horizon, each hidden and waiting to be discovered by the masses. Here is thus a look at eight of these mysterious Greek sites that the world has yet to sizably wax lyrical on.


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Evia is mightily frequented by residents of Athens. It is a hotspot famous for its archaeological wonders. Chief among Evia’s architectural treasures are the dragon houses, which consist of two score large structures, each meticulously built by hand and without mortar. When in town, you should also visit Kerasia, a small village set in the nearby mountains. Here, you can find a well-preserved fossil forest and a fascinating local museum highlighting ancient mammal fossils.


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Whether Christians or not, we have all heard of the Book of Revelations at some point, and thus, the significance of Patmos. It was in a cave on this island that the Apocalypse from the New Testament was said to be given to John the Revelator. Religiosity aside, Patmos is also great for its scenic beaches, so don’t forget to bring your swimsuits and beach mats.


Image source

Those of you interested to experience the history of Greece should not miss out on Karpathos. There, you would do well to check out Olympos, where its villagers to this day continue to wear traditional clothes and live in traditional homes. It is where you can walk down memory lane and get a glimpse of what Greece had looked like during the ages.


Image source

Though most tourists would without a doubt throng to Mykonos, Tinos remains a charming, incandescent option for those in the know. Many, if not most, people would step on its soil to visit the Church of the Virgin Mary, which is raved about among religious pilgrims.


Image source

Considered a diamond in the rough, Kavala is a great place to visit for architecture lovers, as it is home to countless historical monuments. Here, the aqueduct built by Sultan Suleiman lies astute, its Byzantine design restored to shape during the Ottoman reign in the territory in 1530. Another standout to check out? The sixteenth century Byzantine fortifications throughout town, as well as an ancient city and one-time Ottoman landmark called Philippi that is, today, a UNESCO Heritage Site.


Image source

Ikaria is a promising destination because it is home to some very interesting thermal springs. Here, people simply forget their life’s worries. Ikaria’s past is rich with mythological lore, but perhaps the best takeaway you can ever experience the panigiri, a traditional feast held on the fifteenth of August every year. So now you know when to book your trip!


Image source

Astypalaia is said to be the site where the Dodecanese came into contact with Cyclades. As such, the island is also very much renowned for its Cycladic attitude. A relaxed and attractive destination, Astypalaia is great for hiking and rock climbing, but it is perhaps best known for its Cycladic choras, or capital villages, that were once dominated by kastros in the 13th and 15th centuries. Astypalaia is also home to many bird species, so rest assured, you will see many swooping above you when there!


Image source

The capital of Messinia, Kalamata is famed for its delicious olives and for the castles such as the Methoni and the Koroni. But nothing is as greatly representative of this mysterious location as the Panagia Ypapanti Icon, or Kalamata’s Metropolitan Cathedral. Built in the 1839 and consecrated in 1873, the cathedral is considered one of Messina’s best religious sites.

Want to discover ancient cultures and historical lores in Greece? Let our team at Fayyaz Travels help you curate a personalised itinerary that will not have you disappointed!


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