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January 12, 2021

5 New year Resolutions for 2021!

January 12th, 2021


A brand new year brings New Year Resolutions, which in some cases, are a carbon copy of last year’s, for example, losing or gaining weight, cutting down on things like alcohol, cigarettes, learning a new skill etc.

Having survived such a bizarre and rough year, why not we mix things up and work our way to new goals and help regain and rebuild what COVID-19 took from us. Read on as we have done some research to bring you 5 New Year Resolutions for 2021 that may inspire you to have a more fulfilling 2021!

1. Exploring our Motherland


Image source

While International travel still isn’t a viable option for the mass consumer yet, and most of us are probably left stuck in our own country, I’m sure we’re pent up with this desire to travel.

One resolution you could easily work towards is exploring more of your own country.
Singapore, being a small red dot and a smaller country in general, can easily be overlooked as we’re filled with magnificent skyscrapers that protrude out of the luscious green nature.

Take some time to explore, and you’ll find hidden gems, hole-in-the-wall places, and even places you never heard of! After all, you’ll maybe fall in love with your country once again.

2. Supporting Local


Image source

With relevance to the above resolution, another 2021 Resolution you should have is to support more local businesses.

2020 was a rough year for businesses, with job retrenchments and business closures happening left, right and center.

Let’s give back to our country by supporting the local businesses, be it hawkers or local services, products.

By supporting local businesses, we’re helping rebuild what COVID-19 took from us, and also, we’re getting to enjoy and indulge in our local specialties and homegrown products.

3. Personal Health and Wellbeing

Image source

A must-have for your 2021 resolution would be to take care of your health and wellbeing.

With hygiene already being prioritized worldwide because of the pandemic, it’s important to eat healthier complimented with exercise to keep our immune systems strong and as healthy as possible.

With people still telecommuting to work, we’re easily attracted to snacking more and not staying active (laying in bed, etc). With this in mind, keeping our personal health, together with our mental health in check will be very important this year. Ps: don’t forget to check up on your loved ones as well!

4. Investing in your future


Image source

One 2021 resolution to have is to invest in your future. This is because some of us may not have saved up before COVID-19 hit us, and are feeling the effects of the pandemic.

I’m not necessarily talking about investing in bitcoin, stocks, or real estate.
Given that the job market is shaky at the moment and companies may not be hiring as frequently as in the past, you could always reconsider further pursuing your studies or going for online courses. Investing in yourself will come in helpful in the future as you may never know the skills you may require for your future job.

Investing in your future could also be taking advantage of the stock market, and investing in ETFs, bonds, or having ways of passive income as a shelter for rainy days that could come.

5. Being Realistic


Image source

Some of us may not have high hopes for the coming year, which is totally fine, given what we’ve gone through in 2020.

Setting realistic goals can be your 2021 resolution as we’ve seen how fragile life can be and how things can change in an instant.

Let’s all appreciate what we have in the present, and give gratitude to those fighting for a better future, for example, the frontline workers, those creating the vaccine, and much more.

Let’s be realistic this year, and aim for what we can achieve, be it a promotion at your job, being better at your hobby, learning a second language, or pursuing your passion. Happy New Year to all, wishing you readers a safe and brighter 2021!

Is traveling one of your 2021 Resolutions? Ask our agents at Fayyaz Travels to help you achieve that and plan together for a great year ahead!


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