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February 04, 2019

8 ways self-loving singles can take over Valentine’s Day

February 4th, 2019


Mark your calendars folks, as February 14 is fast approaching! Already, people are looking for things to do with their significant other. But what do you do if you’re single? Well, not sulking at home alone, that’s for sure! There are tons of activities to enjoy #Singledom and express your love for yourself. And if we may say, Valentine’s Day can be a huge opportunity for one to travel and explore the beauty of the world all in the name of self-love. Without further ado, here are eight things brought to you by Fayyaz Travels that self-loving singles can do to redefine Valentine’s Day.

1. Explore the culture of wellness in Java.

Little do tourists know that there is an island in Indonesia bordered by the Indian Ocean. That’s right folks: the gem of the Java Sea called Java Island is worth visiting on your own. The strip of land is also home to a number of volcanic mountains, clear and pristine waters, and temples to visit and enjoy the view in. Try taking a short break from your work and spend your Valentine’s week soul searching here. Since there is an abundance of Indonesian wellness retreats around, you simply must pamper yourself. Our best bet: outdoor messages. There are as many in Java as there are in Bali, so it’s up to you to choose which outdoor scenery suits your chi.

2. Live up your childhood dream of visiting an African safari .

If you are looking for a unique way to redefine V-Day, then why not go the extra mile and sign up for an African Safari instead? This way, you get to rediscover your connection with animals and nature. You must have watched a National Geographic documentary at least once in your life as a child. What better way than to witness how the wildlife works in real-time? It’s definitely more interesting and adrenaline-packed than binge watching it all on TV.

3. Dive deep into the party culture in Phuket

Bangkok may have a very lively party culture but the best place to meet new people in Thaila especially after dusk, may very well be Phuket . The island is more suitable for the “drink, dance, party, repeat” culture, as compared to the capital city. Even Muay Thai fighters in Phuket do not shy away from a night out post-fights, whether during on or off seasons!

4. Indulge in street food at Singapore’s Hawker Center.


Thinking of a low-key indulgence? Why not stay in Singapore for some food tripping? The best place for that is without a doubt the Hawker Center, where a multitude of street food vendors offer the best of Southeast Asian cuisines. Chances are that couples who prefer to take it chill and easy would be there too, but we think it may very well be a spot for the food-loving singles on V-Day.

5. Laugh your socks off at comedy bars wherever you are


This is a popular spot for singles who wish to still have a huge smile on their faces despite being partnerless on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter where you are; stand-up comedy jokes at your nearest performing arts centre will always beat out cheesy pick-up lines in movies, as they are more witty and spontaneous. Where exactly to go? Plan a trip with Fayyaz Travels for the ultimate laughter fest with detailed itineraries!

6. When in the Philippines, partake in Filipino gimmicks.


The people of the Philippines have all sorts of unique ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day without a date. From singles’ parties to concerts and events, the Filipinos are very creative whenever February 14 arrives. The best part about this take on this day is that everyone is welcome to join this schtick, which are definitely going to make you embrace your solitude on this day.

7. Slot till you drop in Macau .


Why spend a fortune on fancy restaurants and booking romantic venues when you have the chance to double that money? Head over to Macau. The city is deemed the Las Vegas of Asia, and for good reason. It’s bright casinos are can definitely be seen as even more elegant than the ones you’d find in Nevada. While a bag of cash is a matter of luck there, it’s definitely the thrill of taking chances that can make spending Valentine’s Day in Macau exciting.

8. Seize your thrill at a theme park with your friends.


Want to experience some adrenaline rush? Go to your nearest theme park or carnival! Even the bravest souls experience bliss when on a roller coaster ride. Schedule a “singles only” trip with your single friends and bond along the many rides and shows that the magical site has to offer.

Thinking to indulge in a solo trip this Valentine’s Day? Send a shoutout to our team at Fayyaz Travels to create the best customised itinerary for you!


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