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November 27, 2018

The best glamping sites in Southeast Asia to check out now

November 27th, 2018


Some people explore new places, meet new people, and try new food while traveling, which is essentially moving around and about as they make out the meaning of their trip. Others, meanwhile, prefer to stay put as a means of exploration. Enter glamping, which brings ‘camping’ and ‘glam’ together in a concept. Who knew such things exist! Urbanisation entails that we can still enjoy the  world’s natural destinations, all largely untouched even as we progress as a civilisation. And with so many glamping options around Southeast Asia these days, we do not have to sacrifice our city slicking comfort to enjoy this side of Mother Nature’s beauty. Here are thus the best glamping sites
across this lush region, according to us!

1.Canopy Tribes in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia

Image source

If you are looking for a unique glamping experience in Malaysia , then The Canopy Tribes in Kota Tinggi is one of the most popular options around to consider. The accommodations are tent-styled, and gives out that luxury feel outdoors due to its nice furnishing. The resort also offers typical outdoor activities such as cycling, trekking and mountain climbing, as well as water sports like swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Accommodation rates are very cheap, particularly for Western travelers; two people can enjoy a night at the Canopy Tribes for less than a (USD) dollar!

2. JapaMala Resort in Tioman Island, Malaysia

Image source

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, then the JapaMala Resort on Tioman Island (sitting on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia) will give you that luxe glamping experience. The blend of their rustic aesthetics and the island’s lush rainforests and clear blue waters is perfect for high budget glampers looking to soak it all in at once. The resort has 13 wooden villas which will blow your mind once you set foot inside. Outside is another mind blowing experience as you can choose between Scuba Diving, Boat Excursions, or a trek in the jungle.

3. Sang Giri Mountain Glamping Camp in Bali, Indonesia

Image source

Bali, Indonesia , has always been known for its beautiful beaches. What’s surprising is the number of mountains and rainforests in the area that are all ripe for glamping intentions. But it has to be said that the best resort for glamping in Bali is still the Sang Giri Resort Glamping Camp. Going there will make you feel like meditating immediately upon arrival. Here, you can always choose between mountain biking along Jatiluwih, walking along the rice fields, or simply visiting the Spiritual Temple for some introspection. Each room at Sang Giri is designed to entice the human vision, so a stay in any of them will make you appreciate staying in the tropics a lot more.

Caught yourself wondering about Bali’s hidden gems ? Wonder no more!

4. Aetas Glamping in Palawan, Philippines

Image source

The Philippines is probably one of the best places to go when it comes to enjoying unblemished nature. With much of it untouched by rapid urbanisation, this country is home to some of the best glamping destinations in the world. One of them is Aetas Glamping. Located in El Nido in Palawan, the site is the purveyor of Filipino hospitality. Here, you get to live its local culture and experience Mother Nature at its finest from your very own tent pitched in the heart of the forest.

5. Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort in Cebu, Philippines

Image source

Another great Filipino offering when it comes to glamping is the Bluewater Sumilon in Oslob, Cebu. The resort hosts one of the best glamping sites in the country. Their glamping accommodations redefines luxury and proves the success of the otherwise unlikely relationship between urban poshness and nature. For those who aren’t use to roughing it out, be assured that all tents are air-conditioned and have plush, comfortable beds you can sink in anytime of the day. Though if it’s up to us, we would definitely take up the resort’s offer of bushcraft activities such as primitive cooking, knife care, and fire making. When else to relive the glory of past civilisations?

6. Elephant Hills Floating Luxury Camp in Thailand

Image source

The Elephant Hills Floating Luxury Camp in Thailand claims to be in its very own league. And that is because of their routined Safari Experience located at the heart of the neighbouring Khao Sok National Park. Rooms at this camp is found afloat on Cheow Larn Lake, so if you are a water baby, you best believe that you can commend ‘zen’ in a second when you stay here. Not only that, you can also marvel at the beautiful rainforest backdrop that envelops the entire site!

7. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Cambodia

Image source

TLike Thailand’s Elephant Hills, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia also has its tents floating on the Tatai River. Consider yourself extra lucky if you are a mountain person, as the entire lodge is located a stone’s throw from the Cardamom mountains. When here, be prepared to disconnect entirely from your normally busy city life, and bask in the beauty of nature’s peaceful sounds. The lodge’s African-inspired accommodations are perfect for those who are especially fond of the interconnectivity between rivers and forests. What’s more: one can simply trek the surrounding forest to uncover the gem that is the Tatai waterfall, a site that’s established as a nature spa.

Not sure what else to do around Southeast Asia ? Give our team at Fayyaz Travels a call or an email shoutout for more tips, tricks and advices on discovering the region like you’ve never seen it before!


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