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Wellington College, London

July 15th to July 28th, 2019

Ages 11 to 14

Are you eager for your child to excel all-round, now and in the future? Then, start them young on life skills needed to succeed!

Fayyaz Travels brings to you a unique 2-Week Life Skills course in collaboration with the most exclusive UK private schools. The course is aimed for children aged 11-14 years, designed to aid in child development through holistic education.

This course is designed by industry experts, experienced educators and business leaders with the aim to help children develop and prepare for life by focusing on key skills that are proven to have a positive impact on academic attainment. The course focuses on developing relevant skills and knowledge students need to succeed in work, life and citizenship as well as ensuring a positive learning outcome at school.

The course takes place in England and consists of:

  • Beautiful and secure surroundings
  • A range of exclusive activity options on site
  • World-class accommodation and food
  • Convenient proximity to cultural attractions and London airports

This course consists of a range of activities to suit every student. It educates children through learning as well as gives them the opportunity to partake in music, sports, drama and arts & craft, thus preparing them for life challenges. Essential skills such as ‘Resilience’, ‘Grit’ and ‘Growth Mindset’ will be developed. By developing a ‘Growth Mindset’, they can learn to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, embrace new experiences and persist within areas that might not be their strengths.

The team consists of talented, engaging and fun staff with a proven ability to inspire students- this consists of qualified teachers, professional sportsmen and women, academics from London’s top universities, Royal academy trained actors and professional musicians.


  • Develop Life and Career Skills
  • Develop Learning and Innovation Skills
  • Develop skills based on the 4C’s:
    • Creativity: learn creation techniques, which aids in developing their ability to create, implement and communicate new ideas to others effectively.
    • Critical Thinking: learn to analyse, evaluate and draw conclusions in order to solve problems, whilst exploring how to identify and ask significant questions to lead to better solutions.
    • Communication: learn to articulate thoughts and ideas effectively, using oral, written, and non-verbal communication. Practice communicating effectively in a range of contexts including interviews, delivering presentations and public speaking.
    • Collaboration: learn to work effectively and respectfully with others. Learn the importance of flexibility, compromise, shared responsibility, contribution and how to work collaboratively to accomplish a shared goal- which is a great way to boost general self-confidence and self-awareness.
  • Development of a ‘Growth Mindset’ supports problem solving by ensuring students understand the clear link between achievement and effort, regardless of ‘talent’.
  • Develop essential skills like Teamwork and Collaboration; understanding that the strength of a team is greater than the sum of its parts. Learning to work together with others towards a shared goal is essential for success – at school, at work and at home.
  • Your children will be able to experience different cultures and share daily life with students of other nationalities in the safety of a British boarding school with English-speaking teachers and staff around. This will make the environment comfortable for them whilst at the same time, providing them a real cultural experience.
  • Make new international friends.

The course is split into morning, afternoon and evening activities with exciting challenges, whereby in the morning children will be taught life skills which they will then implement in the afternoon during their activity sessions. This is followed by evening activities which would typically consist of group games, talent shows, sports, film nights and more! Children will also be accompanied and taken for excursions/sightseeing around popular areas of England, such as: London, Brighton and Oxford.

Parents will receive regular communication throughout the course with accompanying photos of their child/children participating in the morning and afternoon sessions, as well as a summary of the lessons learnt that day.

Example Course Timetable.

Course Cost:
SGD 4,420


  • Coach excursions.
  • Formal Graduation ceremony.
  • Report cards and a certificate.
  • Accommodation in secure dormitories: twin rooms and single rooms for boys and girls plus separate living quarters.

Term and conditions:

  • Air tickets are not included in above price.
  • The timetable is subject to change.