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November 27, 2018

How to survive long-term traveling with your partner

November 27th, 2018


So, you and your partner want to follow in the footsteps of those traveling couples you keep envying on social media. But do you know that beneath those perfectly timed, angled and tinted Instagram photos — often peppered with laughter, hugs and kisses — do not tell the real story about what’s it like to travel long-term with your partner? Now, if you really want to grow as a couple whilst traveling the world, here are our tips on how to survive long-term travelling together.

1.Make a full inventory of your quirks and habits before leaving.

You and your partner are attempting sojourn across continents, which is why it is best to know each other’s finer points first before making your shared trip itinerary. By doing so, you will be able to work on supplementing each other’s shortcomings while maximizing tendencies as you cope with the changes commonly associated with drifting around the world.

2. Communication is key.

Communication is just as important in close proximity as it is in long distance. Even couples in the Primitive Age have had their ways to communicate despite the lack of vocabulary back then! By simply communicating, you are able to keep in touch with each other’s expectations and realities. Such is crucial, especially if you are in a scenario where the two of you have to do different jobs or simply splitting on errand duties while making ends meet abroad. Communicating has never been easy in this present day and time. It’s just a matter of productively utilizing it.

3.Plan the concrete details of a visitation before it takes place.

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Creating an itinerary right down to a tee before traveling is very important. It is not only monetary budgets that you have to be specific on but also your allocations of time for places you know you will see. It is always wise to strategically make a projection of how long you intend to spend time at a particular place, and how much money you might possibly spend. This will prevent you from spending on hidden fees or wasting your resources unnecessarily.

Want to traipse through towns together throughout Southeast Asia? Stargaze in parts of Australia? Or simply backpack across South America? Fayyaz Travels has the best offerings for you and your S.O. (significant other)!

4. Make sure you eat breakfast every day.

Never underestimate the power of optimally fueling yourselves for the day! We all know too well what happens when you skip meals. Starting your day on an empty stomach not only creates bad eating habits, but also causes mood swings, which are eventually toxic to any relationship. Don’t let the lack of romance fool you. Some of the best relationships start with breakfast dates.

5. Laugh as much as you can.

It may be cliché to say that “laughter is the best medicine,” but the idiom rings as true as it can be. If toxicity is bad bacteria, then laughter can be viewed as the good one. Crack a joke, smile even on your worst day, spread the good vibes. If people see that you and your partner are happy, they will follow suit. In other words, don’t take things too seriously!

6. Expect less romantic moments to come by.

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We cannot stress this enough! There will be days on the road when things would not go as planned. There will be weeks when your patience will be tested. Part of your personal growth is accepting the things you could no longer change and that includes the realities of life such as busy schedules and fatigue on the road. Well, that’s what knowing each other’s quirks and habits are about, right?

7. Remember that you are not at home.

It can be surprising how some people appear to be more outgoing when living a backpacker’s life compared to when in their normal cookie-cutter modes back home. Whether out of respect or just mere exploration, your partner may find themselves immersed in the new culture they are to experience, which can make you feel surprised and even uncomfortable. This does not necessarily mean they have changed as a partner, or that their attention is no longer on you. It only means that being away from home tests a person’s resolves and characteristics, and instead of worrying about your partner, you should do well to examine yourself and your own changes!

Wandering if your trip can be customized to fit your own quirks and mold? A quick email to our team at Fayyaz Travels is all you need to assure yourself — and get going!

8. Don’t compare yourselves to other couples.

Image source

It is usually common for couples traveling, particularly the new ones, to envy those who seem “ahead” and have experienced more adventures. Looking at other couples instead of focusing on an adventure with your own S.O. is fruitless. For one, social media can be deceptive. Couples usually post the good stuff and purposely omit the struggles as they consider transparency a mortal sin (especially if they are doing it all for professional reasons!). So, every time you feel like sulking and comparing, remember that behind every perfect couple’s travel posts are hidden and often similar stories of struggles, tears and pain.

9. Delegate tasks and take turns at taking care of them.

Splitting tasks has been done in households for centuries. It is when one fails to fulfill those tasks that creates dissolution. Each chore will never amount to equal level of difficulty, which is why the best solution is to quantify the number of turns instead. By taking turns with your ground tasks while traveling together, things get to be equally distributed and done. This, in turn, maintains the facade of organization. Remember to plan ahead; it is just a matter of delegation and rotation!


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