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May 30, 2019

A simple guide to experiencing wanderlust with your dog

May 30th, 2019


The saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” is not a cliché for nothing. It is hard to argue against it as the loyalty of an animal to its owner is unbridled! A bond between them is not a master-servant relationship, especially to those who consider the dog to be more than just a pet. Dogs are also usually considered to be part of one’s family due to the amount of human care they simply require. Having a pet dog is pretty much like having a child, minus the educational material needs as they grow up. That said, the beauty of having one is in the companionship these animals give whereby they can actually be taken with you as you travel. Now that we brought it up, here are 10 unbelievable travel hacks bought to you by Fayyaz Travels, in which you can strengthen your bond with your pup.

1. Do your research

Doing your research is a given and should technically not be considered a hack since this is the most important thing. But because it’s better to be thorough than not, we shall let this be the first reminder. For a planned trip, research ahead of time where the nearest pet shops or animal hospitals are; this is important should any pet emergencies arise. Also, check where you are going to stay to see if the living environment is suitable for pets (especially dogs). Last but not least, throw in a pre-travel consultation from your dog’s veterinarian. Your dog is definitely going to thank you with some good bonding time in return for caring for him/her abroad.

Planning an adventure with your pup? Need an animal-friendly accommodation? Fret not, because when you book with Fayyaz Travels, we take all your needs into consideration!

2. Undergo pre-conditioning session

Just like a human being, pets also have bodily calls they have to answer to. Make sure your pets have pooped everything out the day before your travel. It may be easy to get the pee and poop out of them when on the road but if you’re on a plane, it’s a completely different story. It is always better to pre-condition your pet’s bowel activities in order to have a smooth trip. Again, this is where a trip to the vet becomes necessary should you want to include your pet in your coming adventures. The less stressed and more prepared you are with your dog’s general wellbeing, the more you can think of activities you can do together.

3. Take scheduled breaks


Image source

Take scheduled breaks with your dog while on the road at least every 3 to 4 hours. A quick break can be done by taking a walk and checking out new spots. It not only means more quality time, but it also allows your dog to do their thing and maybe squeeze in some exercise. For all you know, that might be enough to tire him and push him into a good nap for the next few hours on the road.

4. Tire them out

Playing with your dog is without a doubt the perfect bonding moment. The only problem with this, however, is that we sometimes tire faster than they do. This is why it is best to invest and schedule in some of your personal energy into spending more time with your dog at least a day before you travel. This way, your dog will most likely be asleep while you are with him up in the air or on the road.

5. Do not hire a puppy sitter, hire help for other things instead

Many people hire the services of a puppy sitter whenever they travel. As loyal as dogs are, they tend to be in a lower state of mind when their ‘parent’ is gone. Instead of hiring somebody to watch over your dog while you are gone, why not hire someone who will be willing to do errands for you on the road? That way you get to spend quality travel time with your pup. Yep, this is about not leaving anyone home!

6. Do a weather check


Image source

Your dog may not be able to tell you directly if he is upset or not, but that doesn’t mean we can abuse him by making his experiences uncomfortable. Just like us, dogs feel uncomfortable in high temperatures, as well as when they are cool and soaking wet for extended periods. Be prepared for the weather by checking the forecast of the destination you are headed to with your pup. Believe us: having to deal with a sick one when travelling is definitely not worth it!

7. Give them some fresh air

Your dog’s happiness is worth sacrificing a little bit of comfort for on your part. When driving, especially for extended periods of time, be sure to roll down your windows from time to time so your dog can get some fresh air. Not only does this help with their motion sickness, but the views that they would see also keeps them occupied. In return, you won’t have to keep trying to tame them whenever they are alert and awake. Remember, stress brings out negative energy in both you and your dog, which can result in you lashing out on him at some point in the trip. Sacrificing a little bit of comfort is well worth it if you wish to bond with your pet and keep the peace between you!

8. Do not leave your dog in your car


Image source

When taking stops, many people would leave their dogs in their car rather than take them on a leash. As convenient as this is, you may just be harming your pet’s health by doing this. A parked car becomes a big oven as temperatures can rise up to 130 degrees inside. Leaving your dog there may cause heat stroke or worse, death. Seriously, do not treat your dog as a hassle!

9. Be sure to get your dog a tracker

Dog collars are the most basic thing to have as this prevents your dog from getting mixed up with the same breed at the pound if they get lost. The contact information on the collar is also very important as it will be easier to locate his owner (you) should that happen. This is especially important when you take a trip to the middle of nowhere. It is surprisingly easy to lose your dog and never see each other again in such places! Therefore, it is always best to invest in a GPS tracker for your pet. It is truly the best way you can prepare for the worst case vacation scenario.

10. Always have a first aid kit

It is always important to have a first aid kit whenever you are on the road. Be sure to pack an extra one when travelling with your dog. Simply add some gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, cotton, and a rectal thermometer to your kit… It is, after all, important that your dog is as disaster-ready as you are!

Want to book a stress-free holiday with your pet? Contact Fayyaz Travels to secure the best, most foolproof itinerary that maximises the most of your bond with your furkid!


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