Corporate Social Responsibility

Fayyaz Travels believes that a company needs to be responsible socially, ethically and environmentally. We therefore strive to preserve these values while maintaining effective governance of our company. We are on our journey to develop and maintain sustainable and responsible practices in our operations.


Realising the importance of our contribution to society, a portion of our profits is dedicated to assist our partner’s conservation works in third world countries (such as India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Myanmar & Sri Lanka). In Singapore, we are consistently working with Charitable organisations and make contributions and help raise awareness for various health related causes.

  • Creating eco-friendly workspace environments
  • Using energy saving computers and LED lights
  • Reduce, re-use or recycle the materials we use and minimise waste
  • Issuing electronic tickets to our clients
  • Raise environmental awareness among our staff and encourage them to help us improve our environmental performance
  • Use natural resources efficiently
  • Provide clients with the best environmental choices to help them manage and reduce their environmental impact
  • Provide clients with green/hybrid cars during tours and vacations

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