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December 20, 2018

10 exciting travel trends expected to take over 2019

December 20th, 2018


Travel used to be considered a luxurious expenditure back in the day. People would either have to save ahead of time or be very rich and affluent to be able to afford leisure travels. Nowadays, cheap travel deals, social media, and the evolution of employment have made traveling easier, and it’s only getting better. “Life is short,” or so the saying goes. In line with this conviviality, we bring to you 10 exciting travel trends expected to take over 2019 with a bang.


1.Personalised experience

Back in the day, accommodations and activities are usually structured to what was provided by the place you book. Today though, many hotels already offer personalised services based on a traveller’s preferred experience. Even travel agencies are on call with the click of a button. Our Fayyaz Travels app, for one, is designed to provide guests with options regarding what their accommodation and service preferences are, as well as what they expect to experience from the destinations they plan to visit.

2.Mobile domination

Following the above point is mobile domination; a lot of companies are expected to follow suit with their own apps in 2019. Booking for trips has never been more instant in today’s online evolution. It is bound to get even easier in 2019 with more and more companies bringing services to your smartphone. It is revealed that more travellers would prefer booking accommodations on the mobile app rather than online hotel booking.

3.A.I. at your service

The travel industry has seen a boom in recent years, which is why companies are starting to make use of robotic technology or artificial intelligence (A.I.) to be able to satisfy travellers’ needs. The ability of robots to perform multiple tasks all at once makes it an efficient innovation in today’s times. Travel and accommodation companies will benefit a lot since the efficiency of A.I., for one, will be able to provide them with low turnover rates. This industrialisation 4.0 feat is more consistent and accurate than regular manpower. It may just be cost-efficient, too, in the long run!

4.The expat hack


Southeast Asia has seen the rise of some as the most expat-friendly places in 2018. Countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia are usually among the favourite haunts of these Western wanderlusters. The opportunity of using social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress, among other platforms) as ways to earn passive income, too, has convinced them to take their first world currency to Asia and flex it out as they grow their following. Imbalance is inevitable in 2019 as the Asian market for passive income via digital nomadism will continue to be saturated by expatriates.

5.Remote working opportunities


Following the above point, the number of remote job opportunities is projected to significantly increase in 2019, everywhere in the world. This owes its part to the rapid development of technology, which redefines the efficiency of the workforce every day. Digital nomads will be able to take their work wherever they go rather than do odd jobs on every stop. Overall, this gives aspiring travellers the chance to make their living on the go and filter out the types of work that falls within their areas of expertise and aspiration.

6.Weekend tripping


Weekends are usually the time for hobbies and pursue passions. If traveling is your hobby and you cannot have it any other way, then you may just contribute to the increase of weekend vacations expected to characterise 2019. The steady rise of promo deals and improved transport services within your country also makes it possible for the working class to squeeze in curated itineraries during their days off. This also inadvertently improves local economies, as there will be a boom in local tourism with the amount of domestic travels set to hit next year.



Travelling today has been more than just visiting tourist attractions and reliving history. It has now become a means of learning life skills and gaining new perspectives. We call this ‘appren-trips’, which combine the best aspects of ‘apprenticeship’ and travel ‘trips’ in one. Many companies pioneering environmental sustainability have made it possible for travellers to gain free accommodation and travel experiences in exchange of labour and professional expertise. One example is the World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or WWOOF which promotes organic farming; with their hosting program, thus travellers are given the chance to learn how to grow their own crops. ‘Appren-trips’ are not only limited to farming. There are also other skill-based trips hosted by various other organisations that focus on cooking, health and wellness practices, and other executive skills.

8.Conscious travel


Diplomats usually travel to seek reformation but nowadays, even a common citizen can go and experience such. 2019 is projected to be the year where there conscious traveling takes center stage. Expect to meet fellow travellers with common causes as human rights, gender equality, and environmental issues to finally meet next year. A fun fact: an online survey shows that almost 19 percent of global travellers, particularly young explorers plan to attend a Pride Festival next year.

9.Uncharted territories


Travel ideas that seem out of proportion in the past are now starting to become possible. Underwater hotels and restaurants are already becoming the norm. Such is not surprising, given that more than half of global travellers today have either enjoyed or would want to experience accommodating under the sea. NASA has been doing their part as well, in this; construction of the first Lunar Space Station, the outlined harbinger of space tourism is set to begin in 2019. It is also said that there will be considerable investment in orbital spaceflight geared for the same year. In short, 2019 will definitely be a breakthrough for travellers when it comes to uncharted territories.

10.Health and wellness retreats


Health and wellness retreats have become a popular option for travellers who look to unwind from the rigors of everyday life. Many wanderers from the West travel to the East in the hopes of ingesting positive energy through Eastern spiritual cleanses. Common activities done in health and wellness retreats and are set to become super common are yoga, martial arts, hiking, and water sports.

Thinking to embody any of these novelties for your own wanderlust, next year? Check in with our team at Fayyaz Travels to manifest your best, most unique travel plans yet!


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