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December 28, 2020

4 Leisure activities to do at East Coast Park, including the new Changi Jurassic Mile!

December 28th, 2020


Located on the eastern side of Singapore, East Coast Park (ECP) is a fantastic place to explore as it offers delicious food and scenic views. Also offering activities for the young all the way to the seniors, it’s truly a place for everyone.

As many of you know, dinosaurs have appeared at ECP and everybody has been frolicking there to catch a glimpse of these dinosaurs. Yes, I’m talking about the newly constructed Changi Jurassic Mile! Read on as we give you 4 leisure activities to do at ECP, including the new Changi Jurassic Mile!

1. Changi Jurassic Mile


Image source

Is this the new Jurassic Park? Similar but not so.

Launched on the 11th of October, the new Changi Airport Connector is a cycling and jogging route that links Changi Airport to East Coast Park.

Spanning a total of 3.5km, the center focus of the connector is the Jurassic Mile. With the Jurassic Mile covering around 1km, it features over 20 life-sized dinosaurs with descriptions and information included about these prehistoric creatures.

With admission being free and open 24 hours, pre-booking is also required for safe distancing purposes only on Fridays to Sundays from 9 am to midnight (Oct 16 – Jan 03). Visitors will be given an hour in the attraction and will be allowed to enter every 30 minutes interval. A recommended itinerary would be to start from Changi Airport’s Terminal 2, getting a bike rental, and to follow the cycling route towards Terminal 4 where you reach the Jurassic Mile and beyond that would be ECP where you can return your bike at the rental shops and enjoy your day at the park.

2. Cruising around ECP


Image source

With ECP being such a vast park with many places to explore, the most efficient and popular mode of travel would be cycling or skating. Yes, it’s popular for a reason! Cruising around ECP, you will get to enjoy your time with friends and family leisurely and furthermore it’s also exercising at the same time!

With an abundance of rental shops located around ECP, these rental shops offer rental bicycles, rollerblades, and even scooters.

If you’re there with your family, you can opt for their big family four-wheeled bike and training bicycles for the young ones. With a huge variety of bicycles, rollerblades, and skates to choose from, everyone will have a suitable bike for them.

3. Fishing at the Bedok Jetty

Image source

For those who have never fished before, fishing is described as a tranquil but rewarding experience.

Located in ECP, the Bedok Jetty is usually filled with many recreational anglers. This is because the Bedok Jetty are known to contain a wide supply of fishes which is good for us!

WAll you need are the necessary fishing equipment and of course, lots of patience!
If you’re not in luck, try getting some tips and tricks from the regular anglers. Who knows? They might even teach you some of their ways and secrets for catching fish. Do take note that fishing is only permitted in designated areas and do remember your fishing etiquette such as respecting other users and practicing catch and release fishing.

4. BBQ Time


Image source

With plentiful restaurants, hawkers and even cafes located in ECP, people are spoiled for choice with their food options when they visit ECP.

With barbeque pits located throughout ECP, and with simple preparation and ingredients needed, throwing a barbeque party doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

From the old to the young, this alfresco BBQ time will sure delight all. Booking of the BBQ pit is required from the National Parks website.

However, due to the COVID-19 circumstances, the booking for these barbeque pits are suspended until further notice as of 31st of October.

With phase 3 expected to be rolled out end of year, we’ll look forward to more services being open for operation once again such as the booking of BBQ pits. Till then, lets stay safe and fight on together for a brighter future.

Planning a leisure trip? Simply drop Fayyaz Travels an email, and they will cater to your needs and requirements, as that is what we do best!


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