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September 28, 2020

What you can expect from hotels post COVID-19

September 28th, 2020


With the travel industry being hit hard by COVID-19, it’s inevitable that hotels and lodges were also affected Most industries have improvised and implemented new stringent rules and measures to counteract and minimize the spread of the pandemic.Today we are focusing on the Hospitality Industry, most specifically, hotels.

In order for businesses to open, a recovery phase and new measures had to be implemented to slowly but safely open for business and to give consumers the confidence to book reservations and to reside in hotels once again.

Read on as here we have done some research on the precaution’s hotels have taken to open up to tourists and travelers like us.

1. Social distancing and sanitization from the start


Image source

From the get-go, hygiene is everyone’s priority and is on top of the list which is why hotels have implemented social distancing protocols and procedures between their guests throughout the hotel including the entrance, lobby, lifts and more. This is to ensure that guests minimize their interaction with one another and reduces any queuing at the reception.
Sanitization stations have also been installed throughout hotels and it is compulsory for Hotel staff to wear face masks to protect themselves and their guests.

2. Going digital


Image source

With almost every industry already going digital, so is the hotel/hospitality industry, as they prepare to offer contactless check-in and check-out and cashless payments.
For example, the Hilton group is offering Digital Key for contactless check-in and check-out and the Hyatt and Marriott hotel groups are optimizing their mobile applications.
Their applications will be used to facilitate tasks such as checking in, ordering room service, and even acting as a room key.
With so many contemporary measures and with technology advancing at light speed pace, who knows how the check-in process would be like in the future.

3. Upped Hygiene and Cleaning


Image source

Hotels have stepped up and revamped their sanitization schedules and processes to reassure guests that they are safe for return.
Many groups have since worked with third-party experts to help innovate and monitor their safety and hygiene levels.
An example would be Hilton partnering up with RB, the maker of Lysol and Dettol as well as consulting Mayo Clinic to form up new programs to keep their properties and staff clean and disinfected

4. Public facilities and common areas


Image source

Given that guests and people alike are still wary of using shared areas and equipment because of COVID-19, common areas will now require reservations and/or stricter rules to adhere to.
An example is hotels are to limit the maximum number of people who can be allowed in the common area at the same time.
Also, equipment used by guests, such as gym sports equipment will be properly disinfected and sanitized between use and then be available to another guest.
Services provided by the hotel like Spas and massage will be accessible via prior appointments and reservations only.

5. Greater flexibility for reservations


Image source

With COVID-19 being an ever-changing situation, hotels are amending or modifying their cancellation policies to accommodate guests.
This will give guests peace of mind and flexibility to book with their favorite hotels despite these trying times.
An example would be the Fullerton Bay Singapore allowing changes or cancellation without penalty up to 72 hours before arrival regardless of having existing or new reservations as per last updated on 25th August 2020.
As hotels continue to adapt and amend their reservation and cancellation policy, be sure to read the details before you proceed to book your staycation and accommodation.

Not sure which hotels are available for reservation? Book your staycation with us today to ensure that you get all the help you need.



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