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December 21, 2020

5 Reasons to fly private

December 21st, 2020


With 2020 closing in and COVID-19 having its first anniversary already (crazy right?), many things have changed, be it for the better or the worst.

Air travel has been slowly picking up, enforced with restrictions in place and given the travel arrangements made with other neighbouring countries.

Have you thought whether it’s better to fly private if given the luxury to do so?

We’ve done some research to give you 5 reasons to fly private instead of commercial.

1. Sense of Security


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Flying private instead of flying commercial has many differences despite the destination being the common factor. In this COVID-19 age, I’m sure most of you know that hygiene is of utmost importance.

With commercial flights, even with procedures and measures set in place, although everyone around you would have been tested negative before the flight, its no doubt that you still feel a bit hesitant and vary as more people are crowding around waiting to board the flight and slight contact with others are expected.

Flying private not only gives you personal access and privacy, but also allows a smaller circle or bubble of people to travel with you, limiting the risk of infection and thus giving you a sense of security to travel confidently.

2. Touch of luxury


Image source

Given the privilege to fly private is certainly a luxury.

With flying during the COVID-19 time is different and may be uncomfortable due to the strict measures put in place, flying private will definitely ensure your comfort and luxury levels are top notch. This is because having a safe flight to your preferred destination without having a drop in the quality of luxury and comfort are in their best interests for example luxury seating, technological advancements and an expansive cabin interior.

3. Flexibility

Image source

With new rules and measures being put in place, there is bound to be changes that will take place.

Ever-Changing rules and schedule changes are a pain and a hassle but with flying private, you can react accordingly if there are any changes to the restrictions or measures.

What this means is flying private you’re given flexibility to change routes and or change flight schedules as per your timetable. While compared to flying commercial where if there were restriction changes, you would be stuck waiting for the airlines to give you further instructions.

4. Productivity


Image source

When flying private for business, time is key for businessmen and professionals alike.

With revamped light effects and sound-scapes fitting of the season, guests are exposed to an immersive experience like never before!

You’re able to have more room for scheduling your meetings or site trips while you enjoy efficient check ins and faster transit times.

Having a comfortable environment in the private jet also allows for more productivity on the go as you work in a relaxed environment in your own privacy. That’s where the good ideas come from. Right?

5. Individuality


Image source

Who doesn’t like having a personal expert assigned to you to assist you with your needs? Well that’s what flying private entitles you.

An individual expert or manager to help assist you with your needs whenever you need it. This would be included but not limited to, arranging your in-flight meals, knowing your allergies etc, any last-minute changes to your scheduling.

Why not fly private today with the help of our professionals at Fayyaz Travels? Let us help to give you a personalized experience.


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