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May 24, 2016

5 Reasons Why Korea Should Be Your Next Holiday Spot

May 24th, 2016

Why Korea? It is because it is just too fabulous not to visit it …at least once in your life!

Korea has successfully managed the balance between their impressive history and tradition while embracing the advantages that modern technology offers. Aside from this, the country thrives with charming beautiful entities. I am not just referring to the girls though, but the whole scenic places that are just too many to name.  Here are just five reasons why Korea should be your next vacation destination.

#1. Busan’s beautiful beaches


Located on the South Eastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Busan is South Korea’s second-largest city. It is home to world-famous pristine beaches, which are for hanging out whether day or night. Many people go there just to drench their tongues with a wide array of seafood delicacies. Many others though, just go there to chill, take a dip and enjoy the sun. The clear waters may resemble that of the Maldives… yeah.. I am not joking. It is that clear and sublime you will be transported to a heavenly realm where pleasure is reality.

#2. Seoul’s nightlife

seoul nightlife

Who doesn’t like night life? If you are sitting on the fence, this may give you the clear direction of what to do. Whether you’ve partied in North America, Europe or other parts of Asia, nothing beats Seoul’s nightlife; it’s like experiencing a nonstop party with an abundance of soju. Soju is a popular liquor similar with Japan’s sake. I am quite sure they must have added some caffeine in it if not why would people go on and on without feeling tired at all? You should see the parties… it’s either the food or the drinks that keep them going. I am not sure what they have in them, but they sure can put the Energizer bunny to shame! Whether you want to dance or drink the night away, Seoul has something for everyone. It is quirky but really fun.

#3. Jeju’s tropical experience


Have you been to Hawaii? Do you miss it? Then, fret not. Visiting Korea’s Jeju island will give you the same tropical experience Hawaii offers. Of course without the annoying ukuleles being played everywhere and the flower garlands being thrown around your neck, you still can rake up great fun there.  Jeju has a warm climate complete with beautiful beaches and tropical mountains. For a round trip plane fare of only $100-150 USD the journey from Seoul to Jeju will be worth it and it is pretty quick as well. I bet you won’t miss Hawaii that much after rolling in the soft sand of Jeju.

#4. Experience The Tech City


Korea’s streets never seem to darken at night, thanks to its perpetually illuminated neon lights. Also, inside almost every room in every building are giant TV screens mounted on the walls. On the streets, you can see some high-tech cars locally produced in Seoul. Cars seem to be getting a craze among the youths with many modifying them and trying to do their own Korean version of “ PIMP MY RIDE”.  But what makes Seoul technologically advanced is the accessibility to high-speed internet which is all pervasive.  In fact, you can pick-up WI-FI signal from almost every corner you pass by. It is amazingly connected and it is one of the most connected places in the world. Remember that they drive pretty much most tech stuff around the world with their world famous Brand – Samsung. From your mobile to your TV, they have done it all. I wonder what they will be bringing next to the masses?

#5. Fun on a budget


Who doesn’t love food? Everyone does to a certain degree. Unless you are trapped in the most remotes place near the South pole where you eat whales or seals for alm

Most 365 days a year, you pretty much look forward to your next meal. As Singaporeans, we live and breath food! Cmon! We can eat delicacies from all 7 continents in one seating and in a single vicinity. Where else can you find that? Not too many places in the blue planet can boast what we can offer to wet the palate. So we do focus on food wherever we go…at least most of us.

Unless you venture into the touristy restaurants, you’ll be able to have your meals for under $3 in Korea. Its streets are stationed with street vendors selling Korean dumplings, spicy rice cakes and fried chicken right down to a host of other dishes which may seem quite alien even to the most discerning food connoisseur. Kimchi is a must try as that is one of the most famous exports. It is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. There are many varieties of it though and so you can have a taste of what authentic kimchi tastes like.  Koreans eat so much of kimchi that it is said they don’t say cheese when they take a selfie but they shout “KIMCHI”. They just love their kimchis to the core. Don’t be surprised that they add them to their pizzas, soups, burgers as well as everything and anything. Caveat emptor!

Accommodations are also reasonable, with hostels rates under $10 per night. You can try to experience Korean culture if you want by trying your luck at a Korean spa for $7 per night. For your $7 you’ll be handed a mat for sleeping, access to the spa and showers and some change of clothes to sleep in. Some Korean spas may even offer massage and haircut for an extra fee. It is a very basic and simple living for the ones who want to practice some austerity. For everyone else, there are plenty of high end hotels which can offer you the tourist delight and comfort that you seek when you go for holidays. Austerities are not something which will please most of us. I will pass that without blinking.

So what are you waiting for? Pack those bags and head on out to Korea. It’s charm and beauty entices everyone that steps to its shores. Why will you not want to be seduced? I mean it in the most purest and innocent of ways. Korea seduces and dances with you..all night long! Let’s get ready…

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