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March 18, 2019

Why 5-star hotels are great for your professional life

March 18th, 2019


The film Pretty Woman starring Richard Gere is a good demonstration of how to mix business, pleasure, and convenience. Though the story is fictional, it still gives you an idea of how 5-star hotels improve your life beyond self-pamper. If you think about it, 5-star hotels are actually a perfect way to achieve business goals remotely. Yes its overhead costs are high but for for those obsessed with numbers and ROI, it isn’t a bad idea. You get every penny’s worth of what you pay for. A single business connection made inside the premises of a 5-star hotel can branch out to more future opportunities. And with all the convenience that a 5-star hotel provides, you definitely will be able to place your full focus on your business. Don’t believe us? Let us explain.

1. You get to meet the right people.

As the saying goes, “if you surround yourself with five billionaires, there is a strong chance you will be the sixth.” You are only as good as the people you associate yourself with. In the case of 5-star hotels, the people you will possibly meet at its premises are there for the same productive purpose as you. Even hotel staff treat you with a high regard. There is a huge chance that one of the hotel’s residents owns a business that will land you your own six-to seven-figure contract. Never say no!

2. You get to relax in the best ways possible.

Before going deep into each of the hotel’s best facilities, the place in general is perfect and respectable to conduct business meetings. Inviting potential partners and clients to a 5-star accommodation surely gives a good first impression. Many entrepreneurs today choose to network and collaborate from the premises of a 5-star hotel for this very reason.

3. Room service is a godsend when working.

An extremely busy individual such as an executive needs all the time in the world to become productive. Even a second wasted is crucial when it comes to finding opportunities. 5-star hotels are equipped with the most accommodating hotel staff ready to serve 24/7, which makes room service an executive’s best friend. Being able to stay in the comforts of your hotel room while dealing with business calls and meetings from different time zones is key. Room service saves you much of those hours that you would typically spend looking for places to eat from your average 3-star hotel.

Traveling for that big meeting soon? Maximise your comfort levels during your work trip with Fayyaz Travels from our selection of elegant 5-star hotels.


4. Their gyms allow you to maximise your performance.

Keeping fit allows one to stay ahead of their game. As such, it is very common for executives to dedicate at least an hour of their day on fitness. As your body optimises, so will your mind, which is your biggest asset when it comes to your career. 5-star hotels have top notch gyms and fitness centers to cater to that. The quality of a 5-star hotel’s fitness facilities can pass for an actual top-notch gym you would find near your home. Most have recreational facilities such as game rooms and pool areas to help you take a break or unwind after a strenuous session.

5. Housekeeping and laundry services keep things organised.


If you are an executive, chances are you save time by hiring somebody to keep your personal space tidy and your clothes clean. The same should be maintained when outstationed. Almost all hotels have housekeeping but 5-star housekeeping takes it to a whole new level. Not only do they make sure your room is spic and span but they also save you the trouble of having to do tidying up yourself. Not just that, but you are guaranteed newly replaced state-of-the-art sheets as well as fresh changes of quality bath and face towels for the duration of your stay. Of course, dry cleaning and laundry services for clothes would come with extra price tags, but isn’t laundry something you have to pay for anyway?

6. There is no shitty dining experiences to bring you down.


Hotel restaurants have pricy menus for a reason; they cater great food. It is also very convenient for you when you don’t have to go far from your hotel grounds for any lunch or dinner meetings. An added bonus of dining in a 5-star hotel is that there is an extremely huge chance you’ll meet someone like-minded. Sometimes, you may even get asked if the vacant seat in front of you is taken. Situations like this would be the perfect opportunity for you to share a table and a conversation with another guest who could potentially be your next connecting point in your career.

Not sure where to stay for your work trip? Check in with our team at Fayyaz Travels to get the best hotel packages and deals for your executive needs.



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