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March 25, 2017

5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Travel Agent

March 25th, 2017


Believe it or not, many people still rely on travel agents, even when travel purchases are a click away today. Like a good friend, your agent provides the human interaction that no app or automated web bot really could. He would also gladly take on any booking issues or hiccups you may face in planning your trip—a reality that’s not possible with absolute reliance on technology. Think of all the frustrating call transfers, flurry datas and pending requests that you could avoid by having excellent help on speed dial. All you need to do is make sure that the travel agent you hire is competent and highly reliable. Find out by filtering a potential hire through these five factors

1. Credibility

Screening processes are important for a reason. Your travel agent should possess a recognised certificate or license that authenticates their service. In Singapore, for example, all travel agents are required to have a Travel Agent License pre-approved by the Singapore Tourism Board. Those of you living outside can always check with the national tourism board in your country for more information. While there’s no test to filter well-behaved ones from the bad ones, all practicing agents should, at the very least, have credibility in common.

2. Customer engagement


A great travel agent prioritises customer satisfaction. Find out by initiating a casual conversation about a general topic such as the weather or a travel goal of yours. The first interaction not only breaks the ice, it is also a tool with which to gauge the agent’s level of commitment to customers and his sensitivity towards first impressions. Any sign of unfriendliness or aggression is a red flag telling you to move on. As a paying customer, you should never have to justify your need for reliance and quality service.

3. Tons of questions


Not only would a good agent enquire on your travel budget, he would also insist that you provide a trip outline. On top of that, he would cover crucial details such as trip duration, key places to visit, accommodation preferences, and transportation plans. Good synergy is all about feeling like you’re supposed to supply honest facts about your trip. If the agent in question is a star performer, he will definitely take heed of this from the get go.

4. Honest communication


The first conversation with a travel agent should tell you if he is an excellent choice, based on honesty. A good agent is always open to sharing real-life success stories and accounts of past mishaps, as well as quick to provide suggestions upon enquiry. With a good agent, you will always feel that you are in control of informed choices.

5. Passion for traveling


It goes without saying: travel agents should be passionate about the subject they are servicing about! An agent does not necessarily accumulate frequent flyer miles himself, but he should always be excited when communicating travel topics with enquiring customers. That way, customers feel more empowered about their travel plans.

Which factor is most important to you when choose a travel agent? And what are some of the unknown tips you have personally tried in your selection process? Share your unique experiences with us in the comment section below!


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about the author

Naressa Khan is all about beautiful, inspiring narratives. As a versatile writer, she ensures that stories come alive, whether as a brand book, a short essay, a lifestyle feature or even an ad copy. When not busy putting things into words, she loves to cook, travel, paint, and read. A caffeine addict, she is always down for a cup… or ten.


Thank you for all this great information about choosing a travel agent. One thing that really stood out to me is that you say to make sure that they show commitment to their customers. It would be nice to see that they want the best for their customers.


Thanks Frank! Yes, the amount of commitment shown by the agents will directly translate into great trips planned for you!


My husband and I are wanting to plan a family trip to Europe, but since neither of us have ever been before we would like to hire a travel agent to help us out. This is the first time that we ever went through an agency, and are curious to know how to find the right one for us. I like how you pointed out that when it comes to a good agent that we should look for one that will ask us a lot of different questions about the trip. That way they know what our budget is so that he can figure out what we can do on this trip, and then provide some suggestions on how we can execute our plans. Thanks for the information! This is something that we will have to keep in mind when we start looking.


Thanks Alex! Glad it was a good read for you!


Thank you for talking about how it is important to make sure you choose a travel agent that is honest and can provide you the information you need upon inquiry. I can see that looking for someone like this can help you rest assured you will receive quality advice and find the best travel options for you. Personally, I would want to take the time to shop around and read reviews so I can find a good travel professional that can help me and my family have fun trips.


Thank you Marcus.Yes, it indeed is important to find the right person to customise enjoyable trips for you and your family.


Great idea. Thanks for sharing this information with us. Keep posting and keep sharing like this.


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