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December 24, 2019

5 ways TikTok can make your holiday season ultra-unique

December 24th, 2019


TikTok has become a worldwide craze. People have turned to the video-sharing app to post unique content that’s rooted in original humour. This holiday season, the app bears the best potential for you to build your presence and reach out to your potential audiences. Brands have started finding a way to use TikTok as a marketing tool to celebrate the season. The approach is quite experimental but it shows how interesting thinking out of the box is. Since Fayyaz Travels is all about ‘outside of the box’ thinking, we present you five ways using TikTok can make your holiday season ultra-unique.

1. Hashtag greetings

Influencers have either started on TikTok or have turned to it to boost their popularity. Since social media sharing apps rely on traffic to trick the algorithm, why not generate it through greetings? Hashtag greetings that reference the holiday spirit is a great way to generate exposure, given that holidays are always trending topics once they roll out.

this type of trend can actually urge audience participation. This is why brand advocates have worked to get their branded hashtag challenges successfully. For individuals, a simple reply to a creative TikTok greeting can generate a lot of organic engagement. Simply put, the more people that engage in your created content through hashtags, the more chances to be discovered. Also: you can even offer gifts through contests with a specific season-related hashtag.

2. Witty travels

Much like Instagram Stories and Facebook’s “My Day” setting, TikTok allows you to share spontaneous daily activities without having to post them on your actual feed. With its unsaturated market, posting on the app definitely opens up another creative opportunity to celebrate your Christmas differently this year.

Travelling for the holidays? Indulge in some role-playing fun by dubbing on dialogues from Christmas-themed movies that are filmed at the destination you’re visiting. Of course, your unique travel-related posts should not be not only limited to movie scenes and dialogues. You also can create your own scenarios with your own witty lines or song dubs, in interaction with your surroundings.

3. Creative concepts

It’s again the season of boasting your beautiful Christmas tree and holiday decors on social media. Why not take it to TikTok? The app can actually give you a chance to trigger out creative juices this holiday. Using it in this way is apparently trending, a lot of crafty folks have started showcasing their creativity both in décor and in video making.

One trending concept on TikTok right now is “Christmas Explosions,” which are short skits the showcases the timelapse of a user’s home transforming into a full-on Christmas design. Uploaded videos would often start with a plain home setting and after a toss of a Christmas ball and an exploding effect, the previously plain home would be instantly dressed in decors. These types of creative concepts are so fun to watch that many people do. This means that the chance of your own submission getting viral is very likely.

Not sure where to go this Christmas? Check out our specially selected destinations.

4. Dub carols

TikTok appeals to social media influencers because of its video content editing pull. The app helps people craft their memorable videos via user-friendly editing tools, effects, stickers, captions, and background music options. Chief among the goal of using this tool is participating in dub and lip syncs. Many TikTok heavyweights have gained loyal followings by posting their own dub videos. It’s not surprising, considering that music is one of the app’s top-performing product categories.

This holiday season is thus the perfect chance to get in touch with your inner superstar. You can add your favourite Christmas carols to your videos and lip sync to them to your heart’s content. What’s more: you can also utilise TikTok’s ‘duets’ feature, which encourages collaboration between users via the combination of their videos in a split-screen aesthetic.

5. TikTok bazaars

TikTok may have gained its own market but it is still relatively unsaturated compared to other social media platforms. This gives it you a better chance of making money when you sell things on the video-sharing app, even if you are not a known celebrity or influencer. Lesser competition for viewership has been helping many individuals to creatively market their listings. And when you start an online bazaar today, you can benefit from the added traffic that the app generates during this holiday season. With its currently unsaturated market, even those who don’t have any plans to sell things may very well see this as a good opportunity to start.

Want an equally unique vacation to match your TikTok game this Christmas? Reach out to our agents today at Fayyaz Travels today to customise your holiday celebration away from home.


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