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May 13, 2017

6 Unexpected destinations for foodies

May 13th, 2017


What’s a holiday abroad without memorable dining experiences to boot? If there’s anything that food-loving travelers would tell you, it’s that vacations these days are as good as they would taste. And the truth is, nothing brings people of various backgrounds together quite like food exploration! Whether restaurant-hopping with friends or mastering new dishes with family members, you can be sure that your best travel memories will revolve around the discovery of new flavours. With that in mind, below are thus six destinations that could unexpectedly transform your jet-setting feasts moving forward, so sit tight and take note!



Boasting more Michelin stars than any other country could claim, the modern Japan goes beyond mere sushi and fresh seafood. These days, it’s all about the gastronomic junction between the East and West—at least, where Tokyo is concerned. Fusion eateries are cropping up everywhere in the city, but nothing is admittedly as exciting as the prospect of dining on to go. Curious?

That’s right: Tokyo has just revealed Japan Rail, the five-star train with a delectable menu meticulously crafted by Hajime Yoneda and Yoshihiro Murata, two of Japan’s top culinary superstars. Among the delicacies offered are the mouthwatering Watashino Curry Rice and The Ultimate Hamburger starring a juicy wagyu patty.



Perhaps the most unexpected entry in our list, Jaipur is one of the few places in India that still represent the flavours of the Rajput community. Typically non-vegetarian, Rajputs take utter delight in their meaty staples such as laal maas, khad khargosh, and safed maas.

Must-try: If you find yourself stopping in this town for a good visit, look no further than Peacock Rooftop Restaurant in Pearl Palace. Offering a widespread view of its arty surroundings, the restaurant takes pride in serving global dishes with a Rajasthani twist.



Smacked putty in the state of Michigan, Detroit is a melting pot in so many ways, including food. From quaint diners to fine dining restaurants, there are many types of eateries peppering the city, that offer various flavours from around the world.

Look out for: Mouth-watering ethnic eats. The duck bob hash served at Dime Store, for one, is the talk of town. Also, what’s a visit to Detroit without trying out their culinary mascot, the classic Coney dog generously garnished chili sauce, mustard and sauerkraut? And when feeling extra adventurous, try checking out the tavernas in Greektown to sample their traditional moussakas.



The central district of Dakar might be called Plateau, but there’s nothing stagnant at all about its culinary scene! Due to the colonisation of France once upon a time, much of Dakar’s local cuisines are heavily nuanced by the French touch. Nestled within Dakar’s bustling perimeters are patisseries offering countless delicious treats. But bakeries and cafes are not the only specialties around; the city also boasts a sizeable amount of restaurants ripe with tantalising Senegalese staples.

Sink your teeth into: The bread rolls and hot desserts at La Royaltine and Arisan Boulanger Eric Kayser. Looking forward to explore meals that are more rooted in West African flavours? Reserve your spot at Chez Loutcha, located on Rue Mousse Diop; we hear their Yassa dish is to die for!



Loers of steak must visit Mendoza at least once in their lifetimes! Imagine the most succulent beef indulgence you have ever experienced, and multiply it by a tenfold—that’s what the experience of ardosa, the city’s best gastronomic offering, is apparently all about.

Check out: Azafran, Mendoza’s best candidate for a melt-in-your-mouth steak experience. And word has it, the Argentinian beef stew and empanadas at Cava de Cano are pretty fantastic too.



The Moroccan answer to Greece’s Santorini, Fez is not only pleasing to the traveler’s eyes, but also seductive to his tastebuds. Not only are comforting Moroccan soups and tagines are everywhere to be found, they are also customisable in cooking classes. Sounds exciting?

Sign up for: An exclusive cookery course at Palais Amani. Here, you get to make your own exquisite tagines, harira soup, baghrir pancakes, and more.

Want to conquer more tasty destinations, but no time to plan it all out? Contact us at Fayyaz Travels to materialise your back-to-back holiday trip!


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