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October 24, 2017

7 surfing spots to check out now

October 24th, 2017


There are many exceptional beaches on Earth that offer surfers some truly delightful experiences. Whether you’re a newbie looking for fresh waves or a pro desiring down time, these surfing spots are perfect to pursue. What’s also great is that these beaches are not very crowded and yet they offer some great surfing opportunities. Your best surfing experiences are just a read away!

#1. Dunlaughin in Connemara, Ireland


Image source

The coastline of this side of Ireland is truly beautiful, and nothing can grab your attention as much as Dunlaughin, Connemara. The beach is very secluded and lies on the coast near Ballyconneely. It’s one of the beaches that offers decent waves befitting the needs of every surfer from fresh beginners to seasoned professionals.

#2. Mundaka in the Basque Country of Spain


Image source

One of the best beaches to ever exist, Mundaka is considered by many to be a mecca for surfing. This is why people who visited the beach in the sixties continue to come back even today to Spain. Mundaka is well known for its outstanding waves, which are considered the best in Europe and are perfect for more experienced and skilled surfers.

#3. Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico


Image source

The beaches at Puerto Escondido are truly magnificent and perfect for those desiring a great surfing experience. However, when the waves get big, things can become quite scary. Fortunately, there are different right-hand points that are available just a short drive away from Puerto Escondido. This is definitely one of those beaches in Mexico that are well worth checking out.

#4. Canggu in Bali, Indonesia


Image source

Canggu in Bali, Indonesia is another excellent surfing spot in Southeast Asia. Not so long ago, this was one of the few beaches that were desolated and did not have much to offer to experienced surfers. Today, things get quiet crowded in peak season, although the wave remains mostly the same. There must be something about the Balinese way of life that draws one in (no pun intended).

#5. Sennen Cove in Cornwall, UK


Image source

Although most people consider Newquay to be the best surfing location in the UK, there is no doubt that Sennen Cove is unique, and offers something different and special. This is one of the most consistently peaceful beaches in the country, although you can’t say the same about its waves. The beach break works from left and right and is perfect for surfers of all persuasions. The location is quite wild and unspoiled, and for 30 pounds, you can score yourself a good surfing lesson.

#6. Hoddevik in Norway


Image source

Not many would think about surfing on the ice-cold waters of Norway, but recent breakthroughs in wetsuit technology has made it possible to do just that there. Hoddevik is one of the niche finds in the country, as there is little crowd here. The beaches in town are truly wild and rugged, and the surrounding cliffs protect the mighty waves from strong winds. The waves have a consistent swell making them ideal for surfers of all abilities.

#7. Waikiki in Hawaii, USA


Image source

While most people would gravitate to California for surfing when in the United States, Waikiki, Honolulu’s best beach offering, remains a highly useful destination. And why wouldn’t it be? The location is exactly where the sport was born! Talk about history. The waves come in gentle rolls and are as warm as they come, making it a popular spot among surfers of all levels and backgrounds.

Feeling super ready to challenge any of these waves soon? Contact Fayyaz Travels to make your surfing vacation come true!


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