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November 22, 2019

8 friendliest countries in the world to add to your travel bucket list

November 22nd, 2019


Almost every traveller can agree that feeling welcomed is a huge benefit when abroad. A well-meaning reception ensures our strong sense of security. The friendly atmosphere of a destination is what draws a person back to it, time and time again, and makes it popular. But before we can book a trip and spend our hard-earned money on it, how to know which countries and cities are the most welcoming to visitors? Well, here are eight of the friendliest countries in the world to add to your travel bucket list today, as curated by our agents at Fayyaz Travels.

1. Thailand


There’s a reason why Thailand is deemed “the land of smiles” and rakes in tens of millions of tourists each year. Tourists from all over the world have often reported their surprise upon being met with cleanliness, high-class service, and accommodating people. A far cry from the way it’s depicted in many Hollywood travel thrillers, right?

Thai people are reported to be especially friendly in regions such as Bangkok (the country’s capital city), Phuket, and Chiang Mai. The positive attitude that the locals generally exhibit is said to be a byproduct of their inherent love-based loyalty to their benevolent king. What a treat, on top of Thailand’s other already awesome offerings such as idyllic landscapes, super affordable shopping, and mouth-watering cuisine.

2. Indonesia


Indonesia has been a picture of peace for quite some time already. People who tend to travel to this part of Southeast Asia are either soul-searchers for a spiritual retreat or digital nomads looking for a peaceful work environment. Of course, there is an entire spectrum of traveller profiles in between, because that’s how vast and uniquely complex the country is. Made up of over 13,000 islands in total, Indonesia provides low costs of living and transporting which allow travellers from across the globe to luxuriously enjoy its beautiful beaches and mountain sceneries for extended periods of time.

Based on the feedback that our agents have gotten from our customers, Indonesians noticeably promote calmness and contentment. They love communicating with foreign travellers, which makes connection an easy and effortless feat here.

3. Laos


Another friendly Asian country is Laos. This verdict is based on the considerations of many travellers, who would always rate it as a welcoming country. Friendliness just seems to be a way of life for this Southeast Asian nation despite the country’s tragic history. Lao people are receptive of tourists regardless of intention and are often in a positive mood when welcoming tourists. They are so friendly and jovial, you can enjoy a bottle or two of some ice-cold beer with locals whom you’ve just met. Most people would freak out at the thought of it, but given the largely benevolent and trustworthy nature of the Lao, the situation is a safe one to explore.

4. Canada


You’d often hear Americans make jokes about its northern neighbour Canada. One can even say they are secretly jealous of the Canadian joie de vivre. After all, Canadians are by nature the nicest people in the region. Its cultural diversity has made its citizens welcoming to outsiders. They are often described as open-minded, tolerant and benevolent. Canada’s vast terrains are yet to be adequately populated, which is probably why they are always welcoming and love getting to know visitors.

5. Costa Rica


You can say that Costa Rica is the Indonesia of Central America. Travellers often go to this part of the region for similar reasons: to pursue spiritual goals and/or a digital nomad’s life. Costa Ricans have become so used to expatriates and tourists that they warmly welcome each foreigner that sets foot in their country. Many tourists have reported feeling super at home whenever they travel to Costa Rica. Some even choose to settle there upon retirement and immerse in the local culture. It’s no wonder why: there are so many cultural destinations within the country, and let’s not forget its lush, tropical sceneries that come in abundantly beachy or rainforest variations.

6. New Zealand


Everyone with a nature-driven wanderlust knows that New Zealand’s sceneries are out of this world. Literally, every spot is snap-worthy. Its beautiful panoramas range from snowy mountains, volcanic forests, glistening lakes and golden beaches. Those aside, what makes New Zealand extra enticing as a destination is the natural friendliness of New Zealanders themselves. Don’t be surprised when you are extravagantly greeted by a local on first sight. The Kiwis are family-oriented people and are renowned for their familial values, and often they pass these traits onto foreign visitors they meet.

7. Portugal


It’s been five centuries since the age of exploration started, and Portugal is no longer the monarchy it used to be. The Portuguese have amassed so many raw materials from the lands it had conquered during its colonising days, thanks to its people’s brusque “divide and conquer” attitude. But while history saw a harder side of Portugal, times have changed. Today, Portugal is now known as one of the friendliest countries in the world. The Portuguese are known for their high-quality ways of living that reflect on their hospitable nature. Many if not most would go out of their way to direct you to your destinations and help you engage with their local culture. Couple this with the country’s idyllic weather, ancient architecture, the Mediterranean lifestyle, and delectable cuisine, and you are left with feelings so warm, you wouldn’t want to leave.

8. Senegal


Despite enduring so many political, economic, and social difficulties in the past, the people of Senegal can still surprisingly remain warm and welcoming to people outside of their cultures. It is no wonder that they are known as some of the friendliest people in the world. The Senegalese exhibit a kind of openness that you wouldn’t expect in many other parts of the world. And they are known to smile a lot! Their megawatt pearl-flashing habits are contagious, as you will find out when taking your time to explore their country. It is all too common for a tourist to be invited into a local’s home for lunch, just for the sake of creating conversations around mouthwatering local dishes. Senegal’s nightlife and outdoor scenes are also typical backgrounds for tourists and locals to connect.

Want to make new friends and create new memories in any of these friendly countries? Reach out to Fayyaz Travels today to create your most memorable trip yet!


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