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September 10, 2020

All the precautions UAE has taken to open travel

September 10th, 2020



As the whole world reacted to this global pandemic and governments put in place stringent measures to counteract COVID-19, only a few countries managed to keep the situation in place.

At the beginning of the corona virus outbreak, Dubai and the Emirates had reinforced strict measures to try to minimize and prevent the spread of the outbreak. For example, International flights were suspended, shops and restaurants remained closed and workers were asked to telecommute or essentially work from home.

However, UAE has since then announced they are re-opening their borders and will be allowing back tourists to come and visit after putting in strict measures.

Wonder how they reopened borders and allowed travellers back in?

Relax and read on as we put together all the precautions UAE has taken to open travel.

1. COVID-19 Application


Image source

As of the 7th of July 2020, the Dubai Government announced that it would allow tourists from overseas to enter.
However, this was safeguarded by protocols and stringent measures which were to protect the health and well-being of all passengers as well as minimizing the spread of COVID-19, allowing safe and healthy tourists in.
One of the mandatory measures they implemented was their COVID-19 DXB app which is available on the App Store and Google Play.
The application required passengers to download the app and to register their details on it.
This smart application shows users information about COVID-19 eg; preventive measures, treatments to adopt, statistics etc.
Having passengers register their details on the application is important and useful as it ensures efficient coordination and communication with relevant health authorities in case they experience any COVID-19 symptoms.

2. Social distancing rules and fines


Image source

The UAE like many other countries too implemented rules such as social distancing of two meters and the mandatory wearing of a face mask. They also put fines to enforce the rules made in place.
People could only temporarily remove their face masks only under these conditions such as: whilst eating, driving alone or with family members from the same household, engaging in strenuous exercise etc.
People found not complying with these preventive measures were fined a sum starting at around Dh 3,000.
The implementation of these measures has allowed the UAE to safely reopen some businesses and other facilities while maintaining the steady low number of COVID-19 infected cases and minimizing transmission of the virus.
These strict social distancing rules and preventive measures implemented further led to the gradual relaxing of the borders.

3. Mandatory COVID-19 testing


Image source

UAE has implemented stringent measures such as mandatory COVID-19 testing to minimize the spread of the disease and to eliminate any threats at entry points.
As per 1st August 2020, all inbound and transit passengers arriving via the country’s airports are to undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing before their arrival.
This meant that all passengers are required to have a PCR(COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction) test before boarding the flight regardless of the country they are coming from.
In addition to that, upon arrival at the UAE’s airports, passengers will be subjected to thermal screenings and will have to adhere to their mandatory testing measures.
Airlines like Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines also require an additional PCR test done upon arrival as part of their guidelines and measures.

4. Safety Standard


Image source

Amidst COVID-19, programmes such as the ‘Dubai Assured’ Stamp and the ‘Go Safe’ certification programme were introduced to help gain back tourists travel confidence and assurance.
The ‘Dubai Assured’ Stamp ensured that Dubai’s is one of the world’s most safe destinations and is in fact safe for tourism.
This was issued to tourist and resident facilities such as; hotels, retailers, food & beverage establishments, tourists attractions etc if they complied with the health, safety and hygiene measures prescribed by the authorities.

The stamp has a validity of 15 days and can be renewed every two weeks upon inspection by the relevant authorities.
Meanwhile the ‘Go Safe’ initiative guarantees that a hotel is meeting the required hygiene standards to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and helps to gain consumer confidence in travel once again.
Furthermore, regular COVID-19 testing was made mandatory for all tourism sector staff in line with the ‘Go Safe’ initiative.

5. Emirates to cover coronavirus related costs


Image source

Given that UAE made testing mandatory for all passengers starting from the 1st of August, Emirates have announced its policy to cover corona virus related costs.
Emirates policy has gone into immediate effect, until 31st of October 2020.
Dubai based airlines and the largest airline in the middle east, Emirates, will cover its passengers for COVID-19 related medical expenses and quarantine costs when they travel onboard Emirates free of charge.
This included travel to and from the UAE and is also regardless of the passengers travel class or destination.
Given that Emirates are covering their passengers for corona virus related costs, this helps boost travel confidence and gives the tourists assurance to travel to the UAE.

Given all the precautions UAE has taken to open up travel to the world, plan your next trip with us, and allow our experts at Fayyaz Travels to give you a hand.


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