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February 12, 2019

Awesome things to do, see, and eat in Cannes

February 12th, 2019


Cannes is a popular destination set for those who ultimately enjoy the eclectic beach lifestyle. It is a resort town located on the French Riviera, in Southern France. The city does not get enough credit due to the appeal of bigger cities like Paris , Marseille and even the neighboring Nice and microstate Monaco. The coast is lined with white sandy beaches that are foundational to the local upmarket boutiques and palatial hotels overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Curious to see what it’s all about? Here are things you should know when traveling to Cannes .

What’s with Cannes?

You can find pretty much everything you need for a fun-filled trip in Cannes. The city has got you covered whether its history, culture, food, or even nature you are looking for. Be mesmerized by the beauty of the bright city with relaxing colors and a laid-back coastal lifestyle. There are a plethora of activities in store for everyone from film festivals to maritime pleasures. Cannes can even be a romantic destination for the conceptual mind. Cannes seems like it’s purpose as a city is to provide leisure and that’s just what you get once you land there.

Cannes Film Festival

Undoubtedly, the best thing that Cannes is best known for is The Cannes Film Festival. The festival is akin to the Super Bowl of independent filmmaking, with the Palme d’Or or the “Golden Palm” being its top award. The annual 12-day prestigious event will feature the latest, most anticipated independent films in several categories. There is a huge chance that you can spot a vacationing celebrity or a future star in Cannes, should you pay it a visit this season. Think regular faces such as Kristen Stewart, Cate Blanchett, and Kendall Jenner!

Cannes has good beaches

Aside from the beaches at the coast of Cannes, the nearby Lérins Islands have more than just another Mediterranean beach on French jurisdiction. They are the destination to go for a quieter time when in Cannes. Their sandy paths are quieter; their beauty, more natural; and they aren’t accessible by anything except boats. This gives them a less bustling and even cleaner version of the Cannes mainland. The islands have a long history behind them, chief among which is the fact that they wer eonce the fortress the fabled Man in the Iron Mask, as well as the crusades of the Spanish Catholic Monarchy during the battle of 1637.

Another festival?


Why stop at just The Cannes Film Festival, when there are many more options to fawn over? One of the best offerings Cannes has to offer would be the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique Cannes (or Festival of Pyrotechnical Art). It is a popular event that spans over the summer, taking place from middle of July to end of August every year. Think of the prestige that The Cannes Film Festival have but with regards to fireworks and pyrotechnic shows. Feel the aw when pyro experts from different countries travel here to surprise guests with their creativity on the night skies.

History and culture


Like other tourist spots in Europe, Cannes has its fair share of churches, villas, castles, and historical places to visit. The Prosper Merimee Park, for one, is one attraction to start with. It is the family house of a French writer known for making novellas. The house was turned into a museum after the death of Merimee in 1870. If you are into city walks, you might want to visit the Le Suquet district. Each of the groups of buildings around the area were created in different ages in history, which makes the district super interesting for a history buff. You can also find the famous Church of Our Lady of Esperance while in Le Suquet. The hilltop Gothic-style stone church will trigger your fascination for renaissance architecture as it has been standing since the 1600s.

Want to get to know Cannes better? Here are our no-fuss special tour packages.

Interesting museums


Museums are an important part of tourism which is why you have to first visit the Cannes Gallery (Galerie de Cannes). You will find the same things but done differently. The gallery is filled with works of contemporary artists, as well as paintings and sculptures that have been there for centuries. Another esteemed museum in the suburban area of Cannes would be the Museum of Perfumes (Musée International de la Parfumerie). Here, visitors get the chance to enjoy and identify all sorts of unique scents as well as learn the secrets to perfume making.

Finally, food!


We must not forget that Cannes is still in Europe , so expect generous offers of mouthwatering pastas, wine and cheese, and pastry treats to greet you at every corner. Our personal way of enjoying is to walk around the city while chewing on a baguette, the long and narrow loaf of bread as common as pizza and gelato in France. The city sits along one of the nicest bodies of water in the world so you can just imagine how much better seafood is in Cannes compared to other French cities. Oysters are served in almost every restaurant there.

If you are looking for a good home-cooked meal however, you must visit the Forville Market. The most famous indoor market in the city is known for the biggest selection of cheeses, cold cuts, fresh seafood, and organic fruits and vegetables. As for desserts, macarons aren’t just found in Paris.There is also one macaron brand in Cannes that is known for its originality. Pastry Chef Jean Luc Pelé opened up a shop on 36 rue Meynadier dedicated to his original flavors. Pelé’s experiments include rose-flavored macarons and ones with foie gras and figs. Some of them may sound peculiar until you get the chance to taste them and change your mind.

Want to find out about the beauty of Cannes yourself? Or perhaps fancy yourself a spot at the film festival this year? Describe your visionary trip to our team at Fayyaz Travels, and we will help create a customised trip for you in no time.


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