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February 20, 2019

Paris-Airbnb USD 14.2 million legal battle, and why you should now rely on a travel agent

February 20th, 2019


Those of you thinking to visit Paris on a budget, take note! Airbnb may no longer be the most cost-efficient source of accommodations.The home renting platform has recently been sued by the city of Paris for USD 14.2 million, on the grounds of 1,010 alleged illegal listings.

Dishing the details in a recent interview with French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche the weekend before Valentine’s Day, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo revealed too many home renters in the city were bypassing current regulations surrounding property rental.

Hidalgo stated that she has nothing against Parisians who wish to make a quick buck by renting their home for a few days a year. “The problem is those who own multiple properties who rent apartments all-year-round to tourists without declaring them, and the online platforms, which are accomplices, welcoming them,” she added, in a statement translated by The Local.

For those of you who did not know, the present French law does not allow home owners from renting out their properties for more than 120 days a year, particularly in cities such as Paris. The reason for this is, understandably, to protect the interests of stakeholders in the local hotel industry.

In late 2018, new regulations were passed to support the law, allowing the French government to fine companies such as Airbnb for up to €12,500 per each illegal posting on their websites.

It also expected of renters to have a registration number on each advertisement of their homes. This is to prevent spaces from being rented beyond duration that is allowed.

The USD 14.2 million lawsuit came about even after Airbnb representatives insisted they had been honouring the current regulations by informing and reminding all renters of them after they were introduced.

This recent turn of events came just as Airbnb’s own new regulation that disables hosts from taking in more reservations on their primary residences. The regulation became officially effective starting last 1 January.

Hosts who have already booked your accommodations for your upcoming trip to Paris ahead of time in 2018, you are still allowed to retain your current bookings.

But the bigger question remains: what does this truly mean for the traveler who is looking to save up while also enjoying the perks and wonders of The City of Light?

Well, for those of you who have yet to book your stay, we believe that this is the opportunity for you to foolproof your trip by enlisting the help of our travel agents at Fayyaz Travels .

Having a travel agency to rely on not only helps you to enjoy fantastic hotel perks on a budget you are comfortable with, but you also do not have to panic and scramble your way to find replacing options in the face of emergencies and sudden cancellations.

What’s more, our customer service team at Fayyaz Travels is on standby 24/7. This means immediate help is only a call or an app tap away, no matter where you are in the world, and how complicated your travel hiccups may be.

Why sweat, when help is always at hand?

Fancy a personalized trip to Paris that does not break your wallet? Send us a request, and we will be sure to attend to your dream vacation in no time!


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