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April 22, 2019

Why Singapore is the best pitstop you’ll ever enjoy

April 22nd, 2019


Stopovers exist for a reason. A long-distance flight, especially one that requires you to sit in for more than 6 hours up in the air, can be very exhausting for the mind and body. Stopovers are also technically important for the purpose of having an aircraft cleaned and refueled. As such, transits have become a social norm, and so much so that it is considered a rite of passage for the modern traveler. Now, a transit experience in every city has its own charm, but Singapore still wins, hands down, in this department. Many travelers from around the world have noted that a short stop at Changi Airport is akin to a short getaway. Fayyaz Travels digs deep into this phenomenon, and discovers why.

1. Changi Airport is really the best airport in the world.


From its breathtaking design and interiors to its layers of leisurely offerings, the very structure of Changi Airport is made to attract inbound tourism and layover extensions. This is not too surprising, considering the fact that the airport is, hands down, unbelievably beautiful and hyper-functional. It is currently rated by intentional airline and airport rating firm Skytrax as ‘The World’s Best Airport’, and has been for holding this title consecutively since 2013. With one-of-a-kind features such as an indoor butterfly garden, kinetic art sculptures and displays, opulent shopping hubs, and more, it is really no wonder that the airport is super popular!

2. A new ‘jewel’ is raising stopover standards everywhere.


That’s right. With the country’s new Jewel Changi Airport unveiling this month, boring transits are literally a thing of the past. Set to open to the public on 17 April, the airport doubles as a greenhouse. Designed by Safdie Architects, the building features stunning displays exuding superior architectural finesse, chief among which are striking dome-shaped glass facades and the world’s mightiest indoor rainforest waterfall.

Why rush to your next destination, when you can simply enjoy your layover by basking in the opulent beauty of Singapore’s tropical fauna?

3. Convenience is the biggest Singaporean virtue.


At Changi Airport, a traveler can never be lost. There are plenty of luxurious amenities and restaurants to keep you comfortable and well-fed. With speedy hotspots provided, you can never lose your digital connection to the rest of the world. And, there is no need to rough it out when there is the sleek Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport to check in to. Changi Airport also offers visa processing services and scheduled public transports should you want to extend your layover. What’s more: it offers a swimming pool (which costs SGD13 to use, and is located at Crowne Plaza) and free massages for travelers to enjoy.

4. You will never lose your fitness momentum here.

Who knew stopping over in Singapore can be good for your body! In Changi Airport, there are plenty of mobile and laptop charging stations to help you recharge your devices. But there’s a catch. Referred to simply as WeWatt eco-friendly kiosks, these stations are attached to exercise bikes, so they will only work when you put in some kinetic efforts and a lot of pedal prowess. Now there is simply no excuse to skip your fitness routines!

5. A free tour of Singapore awaits those who linger.


If you have more than five hours between your flights, then you would do well to take up Changi Airport’s offer of a free tour around the Lion City. Yep, you read that right: it’s free! Since you cannot book the tour ahead of time, it is advisable that head to one of the City Tours stands as soon as you arrive at the airport. Not sure where to find these booths? The folks manning the Information Desks stationed throughout the airport are always happy to point you to the right direction.

Fancy a fruitful extended layover in Singapore? Want to explore the hidden nuances of Changi Airport for yourself? Send our team at Fayyaz Travels a request, and we will get back to you with fantastic stopover packages in no time!



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