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January 22, 2019

Spiritual vacations and why they are good for our soul

January 22nd, 2019


Everyone needs a break from their everyday lives once in a while. Some need even more time off due to the nature of their daily routines. Stress can deeply affect the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of oneself. What is often overlooked however, is the fact that stress actually takes a huge toll on our spiritual well-being, not just our physicality. Whether it’s from unconscious neglect or just not having enough time in our hands, we need to consider having an escape once in a while. Not convinced? Our team at Fayyaz Travels brings to you six reasons why spiritual vacations are good for the soul.

1. It widens our perspective.

Even the most heavy-duty machines in the world need rebooting every once in a while; what more a human being? Our mind experiences overload from time to time from dealing with things such as work, family, and all those basic needs for human survival. We forget that there is a bigger space out there that is waiting to be explored which would not be seen by dwelling on past pains and future problems. Spiritual vacations remind us that there is a present that needs to be conquered, and taking a step back from our usual activities will help us see the present world from a different angle.

You don’t have to do it alone. Our team can help you widen your perspective .

2. It helps us appreciate the world better.

Seeing the world from a different perspective will help us see the good and the bad in life, and make better choices moving forward. Remember when we were so young and everything we see just amazes us? Taking a vacation for a spiritual purpose can take us back to that time and remind us what it feels like to yearn for intrinsic beauty. Don’t astonishing views make us feel at peace? Whether it’s relaxing by the beach or counting stars in the mountains (we recommend anywhere in the northernmost Scandinavia ), it’s easier to appreciate little joys when we travel and take time for ourselves.

3. You get to share positivity with like-minded people.

It is absolutely vital to have a positive outlet where you can meet others just like you who have your exact principles. Taking a vacation for your soul can allow you to meet more people. The plus point: actually enjoying a great escape with them which builds up your social spirit, especially if you did not have any left from your previously busy year. Spiritual vacations encourage exchanges of life stories. Let yourself also be reminded that there will always be someone with far worse problems than yours which will make you appreciate what you have as a person.

4. Rest and relax to your heart’s content.

Your soul and body are interlinked; one cannot work out without the other overworked. Having a minimally packed travel itinerary will allow you to rest and relax. See, the number of activities cramped into a typical travel package might not give you enough “me time” to really unwind and get to the bottom of your life. A spiritual vacation is what provides rest and relaxation; not only do you find yourself in moments of peace, but you also get the chance to meditate here and there.

At Fayyaz Travels, you best believe you can curate your own itinerary. Find out how.

5. You get to finally start on your inner healing.


This should be the end effect of all spiritual vacations. A wider perspective, a better outlook, social immersion and rejuvenation all play as factors for your inner vitality. The toxicity of the world affects you less if you see it from a bigger picture now. You won’t easily be moved by sudden changes and you learn to accept things that you can no longer change.

6. It gives you time to reflect on your life.

Inner healing will not be possible without reflection. If you wish to see the world in a better perspective, you must first reflect on the things you seem to be doing wrong. Spiritual vacations are the best time to shed off some excess baggage. We are not talking about physical weight but rather emotions such as: stress, hatred, envy, anger, and all those other negative energies that keep us from moving forward. If you feel like the weight of the world is all on your shoulders, then it might be time to take a break from your regular life and go on a spiritual retreat.

Want to start your inner healing? Check out our wellness packages.


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