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December 28, 2018

How to survive an emergency flight delay

December 28th, 2018


Ever been stuck in an airport due to your flight getting delayed or cancelled? Delayed flights are actually the worst enemy of every traveler. Nobody wants to experience them, but the truth is, they take place as a precaution to assure passenger safety in the face of an emergency. Case in point:low-cost airline Scoot recently faced a lot of criticism after 321 passengers boarding a flight from Athens, Greece, to Singapore were stranded at Athens International Airport for a staggering 56 hours (more than two days). The issues took some time to be resolved due to technical and scheduling conflicts. As much as we hate to say it, flight delays are many times inevitable, which is why here are some tips on how to survive one, especially if it’s an emergency..

1. Get round-the-clock updates

Nobody likes being stranded, but it’s best to keep things calm! The best thing to do is to contact the nearest customer support to you or the persons in charge at the airport. Having a central point of contact, such as a travel agent, is particularly crucial if progress with regards to the emergency you are in is relatively unknown. Should you book a trip with Fayyaz Travels, for instance, you would know that our 24/7 customer service center is just an app click or a call away, and you can count on our agents to help you ride it out. After all, it’s important that customers get their needs met, wherever they are in the world and whenever. Our representatives can even help you with emergency flights or inform you other traveling alternatives, when necessary.

2. Keep connected

Bringing a charger is a non-negotiable necessity in the age of smartphones. If you carry one with you, you have no excuse not to bring yours during your trip! Always see to it that your phone and other gadgets are charged enough or chargeable during delays, as you would need them to make last minute calls and travel arrangements if need be. On top of your cables and adaptors, it is also good to have a running power bank and universal power adapter with you, in case you need to charge up. The additional perk of having a charged device is that you get to stay online to check for updates and in the case of natural disasters, read or watch the local news.

3. Call your family and friends

Upon learning that you are stranded at the airport, you would do well to call your loved ones right away. If not for the purpose of expediting any on-ground resolution to your situation from home, they can at least comfort you and ease your stress as you go through your flight delay.

4. Know your customer’s rights


As with the case of the Scoot incident, most flight delays are caused by oversight on the parts of airline providers. As such, they should be of full assistance to you to the best of their capabilities. You have to insist on your rights as a passenger; in the event of a delay, you should typically be compensated when it comes to food and accommodation. In the case of the Scoot incident, hotel accommodation and meals were provided to passengers during their strenuous wait.

5. Get your trip insured


Your insurance coverage is perhaps the most important thing, after your passport and money supply.If you love traveling, you should already know that flying without insurance is actually a very irresponsible thing to do. Check your government health insurance benefits if they cover medical costs incurred while traveling. If not, it is best to apply for insurance typically provided by airline companies. While most airlines would include it in your airfare fee, some budget airlines offer them as a purchasable option. It’s best to buy it, as it is better to be safe than sorry should accidents happen. Some travel insurances even offer coverage for cancellation and rescheduled flight costs. This will make you avoid making unnecessary expenses later. While you’re at it, make it a point to review the coverage of your travel insurance in order to maximize its benefits.

6. Have a backup transportation plan


As optimistic as we try to be in life, there are risky situations when flying out becomes dangerous, such as during tsunamis and typhoons. And even if there is no threats whatsoever, there is still the issue of wasted time, especially if your status of your delay period is unknown. In situations like this, it
is best to consider other modes of transportation, especially if your next destination is only a few hours away. Make your inquiries about other modes of emergency transportations to the airport’s customer service counter. Now should you have booked your trip with our team at Fayyaz Travels, it would be even better to make your inquiries to our support team (again, our customer service is available 24/7). Of course, this should only be your final resorts if you’ve exhausted other options.

Still not convinced that your trip is foolproof? Voice out your concerns to us at Fayyaz Travels, and we
will make sure to address them, one by one, for your peace of mind!


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