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December 12, 2019


December 12th, 2019


An important inspiration for which destination to travel to next, various surveys and top sites including Forbes and UK company Schofields, have acknowledged that “insta-tourism” is an essential marketing tool and has been making changes to industries since its debut. A great deal of travellers kickstart their planning for trips largely based on popular photogenic locations captured on Instagram. A survey by Schofields revealed that over 40% state that “Instagrammability” is the biggest influence in deciding their next holiday destination. 61% of millennials revealed that they would not go on vacation to a destination where they do not think they can capture good photographs. With the convenience of the social platform and with the following that is typically credible artists or mainly your own friends, people searching for travel inspiration tend to find Instagram a more authentic “insiders look” at a particular destination rather than, let’s say, a carefully-curated tourism brochure.

Whether it is Athen’s Acropolis, Cinque Terre in Italy or the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, 2019 has seen a great growth in social media-inspired tourism, and we believe that this will likely overlap into 2020. In order to give you some inspo, Fayyaz Travels have come up with 3 destinations that we find are absolutely great to update the ‘gram with!

1. Egypt


Image source

From the majestic River Nile to the astounding beauty of Pyramids of Giza,Egypt offers plenty of gorgeous landscapes to admire and countless activities to do! If you’re an avid fan of movies like Transformers or The Mummy series, you’d see that Egypt gives off a different vibe than many other countries. With the vast grand desert, thousands of years of history and breathtaking historic monuments, Egypt is a living Instagram feed.

Try basking in the view of the Abu Simbel Temple, the eye-catching walls of the traditional Nubian Villages or the majestic views of the Pyramids of Giza. Even better, trek to the peak of Mount Sinai and catch the sunrise for some unforgettable views. See a taste of European elegance when you visit the beauty of Alexandria.

If you’re ever unsure as to which would be the best Instaworthy spots to go to in this city, drop a message to Fayyaz Travels! We have knowledgeable travel agents that are always there to make every trip easier on you. 

2. Greece


Image source

Greece is one Instagram worthy destination you cannot miss! With its absolutely-picturesque and iconic cityspace of distinct white-and-blue architecture and gorgeous beaches, this European island is popular with those who seek some oceanside photos or beautiful architecture. Almost no picture that you can take there will look bad!

Wander the pretty Acropolis in Athens and its beautiful museums, take a walk at the archaeological site of Delphi, the historic Palace of Knossos, the majestic Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki or the incredible medieval Old Town of Rhodes. Greece also has an array of islands you can visit like Corfu or Santorini, all carrying its own charm. Because there are so many islands to visit, you may be unsure as to which would be the best for you, but fret not! At Fayyaz Travels, we have a 20 minutes response time and knowledgeable travel agents, so whenever you are unsure, just ask away!

3. Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia


Image source

Situated in the remote West Papua province of Indonesia, Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago of four main islands and more than 1,000 smaller ones. Although many may not have heard of this beauty, you can be sure that its beauty is unspoiled by modern creations. A hotspot for biodiversity, Raja Ampat Islands have among the richest seascape in the world and is home to a magnificent stretch of azure waters, amazing coral colonies and stunning islands. With crystal-clear waters and what people would call a “diver’s paradise”, this archipelago is definitely one Instaworthy destination.

Raja Ampat’s Piaynemo is an exceptionally popular reason as to why people want to visit this destination. Postcard-perfect view, it is an actual postcard for the tourist board. A fun-sized cluster of karst islands, you get to admire this jaw-dropping scenery from a viewpoint. Sure, getting there is hard work, but be sure that this will get the likes you need.

Looking for your own Instagram-worthy holiday? Contact our experienced team at Fayyaz Travels , we are always scouting for the best destinations for your liking, especially those perfect for an Instaworthy destination!


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