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December 04, 2019


December 4th, 2019


Past surveys that includes Adventure Travel Trade Association’s (ATTA) report reveal that more and more travellers are opting to travel alone. Reasons for this range from unavailable companions, easier itinerary-planning to simply needing some “me-time” but essentially travelling alone is a growing interest.

That said, independent travel does bring out some concerns. Although many individuals can manage on their own, many seek solicit the safety net that tour companies can offer. It’s only natural for travellers to worry about safety, getting lost in a foreign country, and the process of planning alone.

An integral concern for solo travellers is also the single supplement, that is, an extra charge to be paid to compensate when only one person utilizes a room. This charge, while understandably is to make up for the financial loss, can also cause solo travellers to feel left out. This can easily be counteracted by different lodging types such as mountain huts or the more popular dormitory-style, that takes away this ‘single supplement’ altogether.

Regardless of all these concerns, it can be seen that independent travel is growing, and the tourism industry is slowly innovating to meet the needs of solo travellers.

Keeping in mind of your concerns, Fayyaz Travels have come up with 3 destinations that we find are absolutely great to cater to solo travellers. Safety concerns, immersive experience and solo-traveller friendly, we only want the best for you!

1. Austria


Image source

Austria’s Vienna is a must-see for solo travelers who loves immersing themselves in fine culture! Known as the City of Music, Vienna is home to an astounding culture for art, classical music and magnificent architecture, luring many visitors from all over the world, especially those who visit solely for the Sound of Music tours. With a low rate for crime, Vienna is raved by many to be safe and perfect for travelling alone.

Here you can visit Salzburg, a two-and-a-half-hour train ride away from Vienna, most popularly known as the backdrop for “Sound of Music”. Why not go further and take themed tours starting at Mirabell Gardens or visit Mozart’s birthplace and head to the top of Hohensalzburg Fortress for memorable views of the city. Attend a concert at the Musikverein or State Opera House or visit one of over 100 museums, which you can wander about while exploring classic Viennese coffee house culture.

Want to plan your Solo Travel but not sure how to plan? At Fayyaz Travels, we have a 20 minutes response time, which will be useful in case you intend to customize your itinerary as you go along or for any inquiries. Solo travelling can be daunting but we aim to help make it easier and safer as you continue to exercise your travel-independence.

2. Stockholm


Image source

Known to be a safe city, Stockholm is a great destination for solo travelling, in particular for solo females. Recommended by and Conde Nast Traveller, a pleasant crossover of a whimsical fairytale-like setting and a Scandinavian metropolis, Stockholm spreads across 14 islands and is connected by beautiful bridges, a cobblestoned old town called Gamla Stan and decorated with pretty parks.

Immerse yourself in the core of its culture at Stockholm by visiting Skeppsholmen’s Moderna Museet. You can also visit the ABBA Museum Hall of Fame on this central island. Get deeper into its architectural beauty by staying at Berns Hotel, which is a beautiful chandelier-draped majestic dame at the heart of Stockholm. Also serving delicious cuisine, you can grab a Michelin starred lunch by Mathias Dahlgren at Stockholm’s waterfront for £24. Better yet, take a quick breather out of the city and take a boat out to the gorgeous harbour town of Vaxholm.

At Fayyaz Travels, we want you to have a memorable experience so don’t worry if you want to have your own customized itinerary even if you’re travelling independently. We can customize your itinerary just for you so you can have a safe solo trip without the headaches of planning!

3. Costa Rica


Image source

Sure, island destinations are great for big groups or family-fun, but at the hubs of Santa Teresa, Puerto Viejo or Tamarindo among a few others, Costa Rica is made solo-traveller friendly. With friendly hostels and many other lone travellers, you can decide to head out on your own to do some surfing or scaling peaks while meeting many other like-minded individuals! Costa Rica is known for its stunning coastline and recognised as an idyllic nature’s paradise.

Amazingly exotic, Costa Rica is among the world’s most biodiverse destination, placing utmost priority on wildlife preservation and hosting an array of outdoor adventures while utilizing green energy like wind power. Perfect for nature lovers, you can opt for numerous activities like hiking, kayaking or mountain-biking. With farm-to-table dining and hip cafes, Costa Rica is also easy to navigate, perfect for solo travellers.

With a vigorous array of outdoor adventures and natural setting, there could be unexpected risks. But don’t let that stop you from travelling solo! If you’re ever afraid of any hiccups or problems that might happen during your solo trip, our agents will always be there to help so you can travel solo with a light heart.


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