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January 02, 2019

5 fuss-free travel resolutions for 2019

January 2nd, 2019


Year after year, we conjure lists of travel goals to achieve and places to see. But the problem with these resolutions is that many of them remain unattained (if we are being real honest with ourselves here). We create them with a lot of fuss without even thinking if they are attainable and realistic, and have a place in our new year ahead. So why not keep things plain and simple and start with resolutions that aren’t only possible, but universally applicable, no matter where you head to? Here are five wholesome resolutions for 2019 that we believe you will love!

1. Multi-generational travel

When was the last time you invited your entire family to travel with you? You do not need to wait for someone to plan a destination wedding for a multi-generational travel to happen. Organise a trip where everyone, including your extended family members, can participate in. This gives you a chance to stay connected with each and every family representative, both young and old, and get to know them better. The vacation does not have to be on a cruise ship or booking an entire luxury inn. It can be as simple as driving to the nearest beach or inviting everybody to join in on a great outdoor adventure. If you have kids, you know that this is definitely a beautiful way to get them to bond with relatives they probably never knew they have.

2. Doing away with gadgets

Technology is indeed redefining the way we perceive the value of traveling and undoubtedly, our smartphones make for our best trip planner. However, relying on them for everything all the time can be detrimental to our wellbeing whether it’s social media or mobile games, we are terrified of the idea of disconnecting ourselves from technology, but guess what? It won’t! Our ancestors turned out okay without these gadgets and so can we! Consider traveling to a place where cell reception is almost non-existent, or better yet, lock your phone in a safe. In an age where travel is good to look at on social media, it is best to keep your destination to yourself for once and relish the experience as purely as you possibly can.

3. Travel with a cause

Conscious travel is predicted to become a trend in 2019, which is why it might be good if you hop on the clean-thinking, clean-moving bandwagon as well. There are many ways you can travel with a cause, chief among which are visiting places where you can fight for your cause or silently helping the world become better through your interactions with new people. Better yet, go on an appren-trip , through which you can learn new skills, volunteer for social causes, and help local businesses mobilise up the social enterprise ladder. Not only do we attain new skills and experience through this kind of goal-oriented trip, we also learn that there is more to travel than just leisure and pleasure.

4. Start your car for an adventure


The common misconception about traveling: passports and visas are needed for you to have “trips” and be adventurous. Well, whoever said that road trips cannot help achieve the same sense of worldly wonder? Try traveling on the road, for a change. It is time try something different to satisfy your wanderlust. A long drive out of the busy city to a rural town is an adventure itself, especially when you have friends that you can tag along. Take a map and mark your destination then, make stops on significant landmarks and famous places to add to your experiences. As long as it is legally feasible, take your trip a step further and visit a ghost town; it may give you the creeps at first but what’s the harm when you are looking for something thrilling and memorable?

5. Less (mainstream) is more


We call this “the road less taken”. When it comes to travelling, most people would suggest London, Paris, Tokyo and the likes as their preferred destinations. Some of the best trips, however, are the ones that less people talk about. The lack of commercialization truly does wonders in preserving the beauty of a place. To get started, do your research. There are actually a lot of underrated travel destinations that you may have not heard of before, yet are lauded by enough people for them to be memorable pitstops. Comb through suggested places and find one which appeals to you the most. It would often be cheaper to go to these niche destinations rather than the more typical metropolitans and cities. Less, as it turns out, is always more.

Looking for a unique travel experience that make the most of your resources, but not sure how to create the perfect itinerary for it? Well, our team at Fayyaz Travels knows what to do .


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