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August 04, 2020

5 ways on how to prepare for life post lockdown!

August 4th, 2020


The last few months have been a big change from our normal day-to-day lives with a world-wide lockdown taking place in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19. Even after experiencing Circuit Breaker phase 1-2, and despite when the Circuit Breaker eventually finishes, things won’t be the same for a while. This experience has taught us not to take little things for granted.
Wondering how you can adjust to society and your lifestyle after the lockdown? We’ve done some research to give you 5 ways to prepare for life post-lockdown!

1. Reintroducing back your good habits, and out with the bad!


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Slowly but surely lockdown measures are easing and for many of us, the last few months of staying at home might have led us into the trap of forming bad habits such as excessive snacking or procrastinating to exercise and sleeping in instead of doing something productive. Take this time to reintroduce back good habits such as eating healthier, being more physically active and staying fit.
Whilst we still have some time for life post-lockdown, use your free time to pick up a new hobby such as learning a new language and upgrading your skills. With preparing for life after lockdown, it is important to maintain the good habits that you formed during lockdown and try to get rid of the bad habits by starting over slowly.

2. Sorting out your sleeping pattern


Image source

With most of us staying at home more than usual, our daily schedule ultimately changes as we adjust to the life of lockdown. This is because we don’t have to plan dates and outings with friends during the weekends and so we can get a little more quality sleep during the lockdown.
We tend to sleep in a little later, as we don’t have to account for the time taken to travel to work on a normal day. This may be fine as you telecommute during the lockdown, however preparing for life post lockdown, where you most likely have to travel to the office for work, you will have to slowly sort out your sleeping pattern. Wondering how? Here are some tips:

  • Changing your bedtime routine. Try to cut out screen time such as using your phone or surfing social media an hour before bedtime.
  • Try reading a book or meditating. This will promote sleep and help you relax.
  • Setting a new routine. Adjust your body to get used to waking up earlier and sleeping in earlier than life during the lockdown. Having around 8-9 hours of quality sleep is recommended and so your aim should be to adjust your sleeping schedule by setting a new routine for the day be it by starting the day off earlier or having dinner a little earlier.

3. Checking up on family and friends


Image source

With phase 2 of circuit breaker happening, meeting friends and family is made possible but only in groups of five for now. Making the conscious decision to meet them in smaller groups rather than big gatherings is tough but necessary as we adjust back to the norm. Also reassure everyone things will get better as we fight this pandemic together.
If you haven’t checked up on your friends and family, try to be more connected with them as it promotes more positive wellbeing and helps with the mental health of your loved ones.
With more people staying home, it’s easy to be forgotten and to crave the need to socialise or having physical touch. A small gesture like checking up on your friend and loved one may be huge to them and beneficial to their mental health. It may seem small, but it’s always a nice gesture to do so.
However, do remember to maintain safe distancing and to follow safety measures by the government to keep everybody safe.

4. Reduce your screen time


Image source

Most likely, the majority of us would have been on our phones, televisions, laptops, and electrical devices as means to stay connected during the lockdown be it surfing social media or reading the news. Being exposed to more screen time is also accelerated while you are binge-watching your favourite TV drama or playing your video games. However, when the lockdown eases, we should try to not get too cooped up at home and remember to reduce our screen time.
Being exposed to excessive screen time will negatively impact sleep and increase stress levels.
Heading out to your neighbourhood park and having a breather orgoing on a hike will give you a chance to appreciate nature and you will notice how much more productive and active you are as you reduce your screen time.

5. Write down a to-do list of everything you missed during lockdown


Image source

Although the last few months have been tough for everyone, with COVID-19 taking away our freedom to have a drink with our friends, or cancelling lastminute travel plans, why not write down a list of everything you have missed and create a to- do list for post-lockdown?

As measures slowly ease up, you can slowly but surely tick off your to-do list safely.

Most, if not all of us have been locked in our homes, unable to go out, so now is the time to enjoy what nature has to offer us in our surroundings, rediscover your surroundings until it is safe to travel again and borders have opened. One of the top things to check off your list for most of us (including me) would be to travel the world and see new sights and experience adventures once it’s possible to do so. Many countries have slowly started to open their borders again and are easing up their travel measures so, the hopes of traveling to your destination shine brightly.

Not sure how to prepare for travel post lockdown? Fret not, enlist the help of our travel experts at Fayyaz Travels to start planning for the best travel itinerary that suits your needs and requirements.
Let’s plan for a better future! We hope that everyone comes out of this healthy and safe.


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Whether be it mouth-watering food, or mysterious alleys of a new city to explore, Marcus Chan will always be down. He enjoys having ice cold pints with his mates followed by exchanging banter and stories throughout the night.

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