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January 07, 2020

6 Places to Travel to and experience the best of Lunar New Year!

January 7th, 2020


Very often, when it comes to the festive season, travellers may get torn whether to head to a country to immerse in the culture of the season or travel to a country to get away from the season! The general vibes for both will be different and of course, it will depend on the individual. This Lunar New Year, Fayyaz Travels have done the research for you and came up with some of the best places to travel to and experience the best of Lunar New Year!

1. Beijing


Image source

What better way to get in the middle of the Lunar New Year atmosphere than in China’s capital city. Even better, visit the biggest CNY party at Ditan Park, which not only goes beyond its size but also offers visitors a look back into the past with its annual Ditan Park Temple Fair. One of the most awaited highlight of the fair is the acting out of an imperial ceremony from the Qing Dynasty where the lead, the “emperor”, leads more than 100 performers to the Temple of the Earth to show allegiance to worship the gods.

Catch this performance daily from February 5th to 9th, 2020. This Lunar New Year, the park will also serve as a food market for those craving for a bowl of hot dumplings and noodle soup!

What better place to experience the culture of Chinese New Year than in China itself? Book your holidays now to China, Beijing with Fayyaz Travels for a new cultural experience!

2. Hanoi


Image source

Vietnam’s Lunar New Year is no less festive than China’s! Known as Tet, a unique must-have for this Asian country is a bouquet of flowers and Hanoi’s Quang Ba flower market is an unbelievably popular destination to visit during the festival.

From the most distinctly coloured bouquets like peach blossom to the ochna integerrima, a bright yellow colour that is highly favoured, this flower market is a must visit to witness the festive season of Vietnam’s Lunar New Year. With a string of visitors of hustling for the new year, delivery riders with bright flowers as pillion, general festive sights and sounds accompanied by the aroma of street gastronomy, Hanoi invites you to a great Lunar New Year ahead.

3. Los Angeles


Image source

Theme parks are undeniably fun, for many at least, but what can be better? Yes, specially themed amusement parks. Imagine Shrek greeting you in Chinese or Jekyll from Mummy’s ride decked out in Chinese attire. Los Angeles’ is known for its two famous amusement parks and this is how they celebrate the Lunar New Year.

This Lunar New Year, both parks offer specially themed festive activities to welcome the New Year which includes unique cuisines, big parades and musical performances.

For an eventful and stress-free getaway for the Chinese New Year holidays, contact Fayyaz Travels!

4. Taipei


Image source

Madly famed for its street food, Taipei is an amazing  destination for a foodie holiday!

With its Spring Festival, visitors get to enjoy two-weeks filled with mouth-watering gastronomy, coupled with nostalgia and games. One of the best places to visit is the Raohe night market!

Wander in Taipei this Lunar New Year and reward yourself with some delicious treats!

5. Vancouver


Image source

While the Lunar New Year is a celebration largely-based on the Chinese calendar, many might not know that this customary festival is not solely for the people of China but also celebrated by many others – Korean, Vietnamese and many other East Asian cultures. Hence, in multicultural Vancouver, you can look forward to a wide array of festivities like lion dances, street fairs in its Chinatown, grand parades and especially its multicultural performances at its Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival & Cultural Fair.

 Bask yourself in this lunar cum multicultural festivities galore and visit Vancouver this Lunar New Year!

6. London


Image source

London may not have the biggest Chinatown, but many attested that this capital city of England and United Kingdom throws one of the biggest Lunar New Year parties out of Asia. Start the day with a massive Chinese parade across the streets of the West End district, that is accompanied by fun stage performances at its famed Trafalgar Square.

Graced by dance troupes, acrobats, lion dances and martial acts among many lined up in its festivities galore, the celebration ends with a grand bang in Trafalgar Square with magical fireworks. Experience Lunar New Year in London!

Don’t miss out on these festive experiences to welcome the new year! Need help planning your travels? Just drop an email to Fayyaz Travels, and they will cater to your every whim, because creating beautiful memories  is what we do best!



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