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December 17, 2018

8 timeless destinations to celebrate Christmas

December 17th, 2018


This indeed is the season to be jolly, and we all know that the Christmas and year-end holidays are usually the ones that people look forward to the most. The combination of the excess amount of paid holidays and leftover leaves (if you hadn’t used them all up yet) calls for a well-deserved trip. Why not have your vacation at these classic destinations, to keep things simple yet sweet and memorable? Make those extended days off count with these eight timeless places to travel to, to usher in the spirit of both Christmas and New Year’s Eve! We have even made it a point to organise the choices into two categories, wintery and summery, because at Fayyaz Travels, we are firm believers of the fact that there’s always something for everybody.


1.New York City

There’s never been a poster child for Christmas season in America quite like the Big Apple. Time Square in particular is one of the most romantic spots in the area, especially during Christmas Eve and when the clock hits 12 AM on New Year’s Eve. Central Park, meanwhile, is a perfect spot for ice skating, while the Empire State Building is where you want to be if you wish to get a view of how busy a ‘White Christmas’ in NYC can be. While you’re at it, why not walk across the bridge to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and watch the amazing fireworks display colour your heart?

2.Paris, France

Paris, France, is a perfect destination for singles and couples alike due to its versatile ambience, especially at night. Winters are usually warmer in this part of Europe, which means you will appreciate walking around the city all night long. Paris isn’t called the City of Light for nothing! You will see people celebrating the holidays all around the city. There is also the option of a boat cruise around the Seine if you want things more intimate and serene. Of course, we are not leaving out the iconic Eiffel Tower which should be the highlight of your Christmas trip in the city.

3.Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nothing can go wrong with a trip with your family to Europe for Christmas season… if you have one! But if you are single and loving it, you might want to consider spending the holidays in Amsterdam. The amount of tempting, downright naughty nightlife attractions in the Red-Light District will make any single person feel like they have given themselves the best Christmas gift ever. Schedule your trip around December 1 to January 22 to catch the Amsterdam Light Festival, where the city’s canals are illuminated by breath-taking Christmas light displays at night. New Year’s Eve nights are awesome, too, as there are tons of street parties and parades with the aim to lure your single soul in!

4.Vienna, Austria


Vienna always pops up in Christmas travel lists. One good reason is that the Viennese consider Christmas a big thing. The city is adorned with festivals and Christmas markets that will surely make you want to shop throughout the season. There are also cafés and restaurants around every corner which exudes “cosy comfort”. The most popular place in Vienna during Christmas is its City Hall, which would display a giant Christmas tree and host Christmas-themed activities such as ice skating as well as a reindeer train and carousel rides. There is also the annual Christmas Village at the Belvedere Palace that ensures you will not run out of things to see and do during your trip.


5.Canary Islands


We now head to summer destinations to visit in December… starting with the Canary Islands. If you are one to trade the cold for beachy, sunny scenes during Christmas, then this beautiful island cluster is for you. Since the islands are under Spanish jurisdiction, their unanimous culture also widely celebrates the Yuletide season just like Spain. The Las Canteras beach, for one, runs an annual display of awe-inspiring Christmas-themed sand sculptures. You might want to extend your trip to after January 1st as street parties are held on New Year’s Eve at almost every corner of the island, which speaks of how active its nightlife scene is!

6.Sydney, Australia


From fireworks and light displays to exhibitions, Sydney is increasingly filled with holiday-centric activities whenever Christmas and New Year’s Eve are around the corner. Wonder where to start enjoying your festivities here? The Sydney Harbour is a good place to start; not only do you get a good view of the famous Sydney Opera and the Harbour Bridge, but you can also enjoy a panoramic view of amazing fireworks at midnight during both days. When hungry, know that the Sydney Harbour bridge is filled with waterfront restaurants that will fill your tummy well as you bask in the city’s balmy holiday ambiance. Other activities in Sydney during the holidays include smoking ceremonies, aerial flyovers, as well as a huge dance party at Bondi Beach.

7.Bangkok, Thailand


If you wish to have a warm luxurious summer vacation that’s sprinkled with feisty Asian zest, then make your way to Bangkok, where it is lively 24/7. This especially holds true during the festive seasons. Local Thai food is good all year round, but you might want to sample unique and downright obscure delicacies sold at Bangkok’s night markets if you wish to indulge with your loved ones differently for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you wish to have extended summers during the cold season, then Bangkok is definitely a place to be.

8.Visayas and Mindanao, Philippines


In the Philippines, the sun shines down bright even in December and January, which is why this is a perfect spot for you celebrate the festivities. Whether it’s a lap of luxury in the big cities or an extreme outdoor experience in the provinces, the country has got you all covered. The Visayas and Mindanao regions in particular, are filled with clear beaches that look like paradise, which is why some choose to head there during the year end, while others prefer the evolving industrialisation in Luzon. What’s great about the Philippines, especially to Western travellers, is the fact they can live like billionaires without having to spend a lot. Do we hear a yes?

Fancy a quick yet memorable year-end trip to any of these destinations that is all your own, with fun activities and all? Get our team at Fayyaz Travels to help you outline it in no time!


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