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September 18, 2019

Are you an anxious traveller? These 10 foolproof tips will free your head and heart on the go.

September 18th, 2019


Traveling looks glamorous on social media but a lot happens behind the scenes. Just the trouble people have to go to from the airport entrance to stepping into the aeroplane is such a tedious measure. If you are prone to experiencing anxiety, but it is ultimately better that you are aware of what you are to face should you experience the jitters before stepping out of your house. Now, cheer up as our team at Fayyaz Travels gives you tips on combatting anxiety while travelling.

1. Always plan in advance

Having a plan ahead of time is the best way to feel at ease on the day of your travel. It’s recommended to plan as early as a year ahead to pre-condition your mind to feel safe and secure about your dream destination. Dedicate at least a couple hours per week to research on safe accommodations and practical modes of transport. As you inch closer to your travel date, you can start looking up weather forecasts and timely activities to add to your itinerary.

2. Use technology as an effective coping mechanism


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And use it well! There are plenty of apps that help you meditate and reflect on uncomfortable emotions. If quotes and mantras are not your thing, then why not try a well-reviewed mobile game or an e-book app to keep you distracted? Reviewing your travel tinerary on your phone, from time to time, can also help. It pushes you to look forward to the activities you have put hard efforts to plan, rather than fear what could go wrong.

Want to have someone to talk to about your travel concerns? Plan your trip with Fayyaz Travels today to gain access to our 24/7 customer service app.

3. Rely on a good travel agent to get things done

Ask your travel agent to arrange your itineraries and take care of your travel issues for you. There’s a reason why travel agencies still exist, even in the age of technological advances and automation. Having a professional human to rely on helps build trust, which then eases up your anxiety. Now, it’s even better if you have a favourite one that you go to whenever you jet off. A trusted agent is already familiar with your likes and dislikes and can suggest new activities based on your personality.

Never hired one before? Well, there’s no better place to start than here with us, today.

4. Inform your family and friends

Your loved ones and friends are your best contacts in the case of an emergency. Letting them know your travel dates allows them to help you effectively in case something happens to you during your trip. Talking to a loved one can also reverse feelings of anxiety, as well. It eases the uncomfortable feeling you might have whenever you feel the fear of travel.

5. Try to think positive


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Make an effort to reframe the idea of bad things that could happen on your trip whenever you think of them. While at it, remind yourself of the positive purpose of your trip. Visualize the places you are going to and why other people seem to love going there. The belief that you are on an adventure (which you are) can help you feel better in leaps and bounds!

6. Choose activities you are comfortable doing

Well obviously you wouldn’t be booking a zipline activity if you have fear of heights, would you? Why put yourself in a situation you aren’t comfortable with unless your purpose is to face your fears, right? In this vein, you should stick to activities that you are certain you want to do. And if you want to cancel out the ones that may cause you huge anxiety and worry, that’s perfectly okay, too!

Want some inspiration for a stress-free yet fun-filled vacation? Check in with our travel agent today to discover and book the best activities for your holiday!


7. Find stress-free routines while abroad

Sometimes our anxieties are caused by our own doing. We put ourselves through much more than we can handle. Meditation, yoga, and exercise are proven to lower stress hormones in our body. These stress-relieving activities can be done in your hotel room and between excursions if you truly want to make time for them. Just do it!

8. Make friends with fellow travellers or locals


Image source

It brings out the good vibes whenever we make positive connections with people. Never underestimate the power of simple “hi” or “hello”; it goes a long way, especially in places where you are a total stranger. You should also remind yourself that in spite of your social anxiety, being nice ultimately is free. People always appreciate when strangers give them simple compliments.

9. Having a travel buddy around helps a lot

The purpose of making friends is to meet fellow like-minded people that would either bring you up or share the same passion and interest as you do. It also gives us some peace of mind knowing that you can travel with someone you trust. Not only do you get to watch each other’s backs, but they can also keep you occupied for when anxiety hits.

10. Get help when you need it

Anxiety is a serious issue. It causes a person to go through a quick spiral when not attended to. Severe cases shouldn’t be dealt with alone. Accept the fact that in these situations, you need help. Consider talking to a therapist to help you to identify your biggest sources of anxiety. They are the best people to recommend coping strategies for when you travel. If need be, your doctor can recommend the appropriate medication that you should take with you on the go.

Our travel agents at Fayyaz Travels are always on call to help you build your very own foolproof vacation from scratch. All you need to do is tell us your hopes and needs. You can even request to build on based on our awesome existing packages.


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