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June 21, 2019

How to embrace Toy Story’s ‘infinity and beyond’ ethos for your summer holidays

June 21st, 2019


With the release of Toy Story 4 in cinemas worldwide today, many of us who grew up watching the animated film franchise will definitely want to sift through our memories to find what we love best about them. Among the great lessons that Andy’s entire toy crew had taught us over the years, it is Buzz Lightyear’s ‘infinity and beyond’ that strikes the biggest chord. How can it not, especially when considering our own affinity for traveling the world and connecting people who love to do the same? Think about it: traveling is, in its truest essence, about discover Earth’s endless wonders. So in light of embracing infinite possibilities, our team at Fayyaz Travels sheds light on three of this year’s best travel trends for summertime. As we always like to say: there’s no such thing as fixed horizons!

1. Ancestry travel

Image source

At the core, Toy Story is about the rediscovery of your inner child, a process through which you get to map out an endlessly wondrous life in the present. Now, the aspect of rediscovering one’s starting point is what powers the emerging trend of ancestry travel, also known as genealogy or DNA travel. More and more people in the modern world are strongly interested to trace their family trees and uncover their origins after taking DNA tests. And more often than not, this requires them to literally go the distance — sometimes even halfway across the globe — when their lineage leads them to faraway lands. Such is also why ancestry travel has become a thing, so much so that there are now travel tour packages to honour this niche market and their wishes.

Thinking to check out the birthplaces of your ancestors that you have tirelessly charted? Check out our stellar travel packages to get started. Better yet, let us customise them to suit your needs.

2. Layover mania


Image source

Remember how Woody would have to stop at so many places on his way back to Andy’s room, after being taken away by accident? Now cue in the new trend of layover vacations. While making the most of your stopover is not new, having other people to help you with it certainly is. You can now count on the help of several airlines (such as Emirates, Icelandair, and TAP) to formally help you stretch your layovers long enough for them to be official vacations on their own accord. This summer alone, Brussels Airlines and Swiss are adding more perks to their stopover programmes in order to help you optimise your spare time in between destinations. Think packages covering hotels, rail tickets, and tourist hotspots all in one, so you don’t have to plan your pitstop on your own.

Transiting in Singapore anytime soon? Find out how we can help you maximise your layover in the Lion City today.

3. Film-themed vacations


Image source

In other words: it’s all about sticking to themes inspired by what you see in movies and TV shows. The world has recently seen the surge of pop-cultural vacations for a good reason; sticking to the fictional stories we love to add a layer of drama and artistry to our time away from home. Don’t believe it? You can start by checking out how we sniffed the trends of Game of Thrones vacation and Marvel themed holidays a while back. And here’s to discovering where and how your favourite celebrities unwind in the summertime when the cameras are not turned on them. But what if you want to live out the plot of your good ol’ favourite Toy Story movie instead? Let us get you to Toy Story Land, which is located in different Disney-sanctioned destinations: Disney’s Hollywood Studios (in Los Angeles), Walt Disney Studios Park (in Paris), Hong Kong Disneyland, and Disneyland Shanghai.

Got any crazy travel ideas that you think we can help you with? Write your heart out to Fayyaz Travels today and see your whimsical fantasies turn into a real holiday made just for you.


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