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November 19, 2019

The impact of Brexit on international travelling and what to do about it

November 19th, 2019


As United Kingdom sets its exit from the European Union, everyone is faced with the decision to brace for its economic and social impact. Those who of us who travel across borders a lot would wonder: what are its lasting effects on international travelling? Passport and visa issues are a given, so what else should travellers brace for?

A “no-deal” Brexit doesn’t necessarily mean no UK trips.

A no-deal Brexit is predicted to cause a 5% drop in outbound travel. However, the UK will benefit as well with a 4% inflow if a no-deal consensus is reached. That said, the UK can focus more on developing its own tourism instead of relying on the interconnection between EU countries. Profile-wise, this will render the UK much more of an end destination rather than a stopover.

Change is on the horizon for travellers heading into the UK.

Travel-loving UK natives will likely still be able to go around the European Union with ease. Though it will be a little strict given the chance of visa denial, it should not cause too many hiccups. Now one can’t help but wonder: what about Asian passports?

Obviously, Asian passports will no longer be able to enter the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland through the Schengen visa. If your Asian, this could entail longer queues to get your passport stamped and possibly answer questions about the purpose of your visit. But…

Vacations in the UK are still doable.


Not all Asian passports have to go through the rough steps in order to visit the UK. Singapore can breathe a sigh of relief as the Brexit leaves its citizens relatively unscathed. With the Singaporean Dollar staying strong on the charts, there shouldn’t be a problem for Singaporeans to book vacations without compromising their bank accounts.

That said, Brexit may affect tourist costs.

The UK’s complete separation from the European Union will affect travelling costs. A traveller has been estimated to spend roughly £350 on average before the referendum. Now, it may cost the same traveller an average of £450 per trip. This means your budget may be cut shorter by £100.

Flight prices won’t be cheaper as well. It is universally known that oil prices in the world market are dollar-based. This means a weak pound increases the operational costs of airlines, thus rendering flight prices even more expensive for those living on Asian currencies.

Land travel in Europe is affected as well.

If you plan to drive through Europe, a “no-deal” means needing two separate driving permits if you are a non-European. The Brexit may require travellers to have a “green card” to drive around the country.

How to make the most of this situation?


Avid travellers are, understandably, starting to worry about the impact of Brexit on vacations and trips set to take place after October. But fret not: here’s how you can Brexit-proof your holiday, according to our agents at Fayyaz Travels.

1. Book a tour packages only with a registered agency.

In all cases, ensure that your travel agent is registered with the Association of British Travel Agents or the Association of Independent Tour Operators. That way you are protected by the Package Travel Regulations. This means you are entitled to a full refund if your scheduled trip can no longer be provided. You’re in luck because ‘registered’ is what we are!

2. Book an all-inclusive trip.

An all-inclusive trip protects you from the fluctuating price of your currency against the British pound or Euro. This makes sure the cost of your entire trip, from your meals to your accommodations, is rightfully locked. Book your upcoming trip with any of our agents, and this is guaranteed!

3. Research.

There’s going to be extra paperwork needed after Brexit. Make sure that your travel insurance covers any medical cost that could incur abroad if the EHIC card will no longer be honoured. You’ll also be needing an International Driving Permit. And with currency exchange rates in your awareness, set out a reasonable budget for your entire vacation. This limits the possibility of potentially overspending or running short during your trip.

Want to plan a trip to the UK and the rest of Europe soon, but worry about how the Brexit may affect your plans? Book with our agents at Fayyaz Travels today to score yourself a safe, secure, information-packed and worry-free itinerary. Yes, we always have our back!


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