Explore the rich history, natural beauty, and delicious cuisine of North Macedonia. Visit Skopje, Lake Ohrid, and Bitola, and enjoy hiking, kayaking, and skiing in the country's stunning mountains and national parks.


Macedonia, formally the Republic of North Macedonia, is a small Balkan republic. Despite its modest size, it has a fascinating history and a wide variety of natural and cultural attractions that draw visitors.

The capital city of Skopje, which is renowned for its Ottoman-era architecture, historic ruins, and lively bazaars, is one of the most well-liked tourist sites in North Macedonia. The picturesque Lake Ohrid, the old city of Bitola, and the medieval city of Stobi are some of the other must-see locations in the nation.

Visitors can sample a variety of traditional foods such kebapi, ajvar, and tavce gravce because food plays a significant role in Macedonian culture. The nation is also renowned for producing wine, and there are numerous vineyards and wineries that provide tours and tastings.

North Macedonia has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts, including mountain trekking, river kayaking, and touring the numerous national parks. The nation is also home to a number of ski resorts, making it a fantastic location for winter sports.

Overall, North Macedonia is a fantastic option for people looking to visit a unique and off-the-beaten-path European country. It is certain to be an unforgettable experience for any visitor with its rich history, breathtaking natural beauty, and delectable gastronomy.

Best time to visit

May to September



Primary Language


Must Try Food

Tavche Gravche, Ajvar, Kebapi, Shopska salad, Pastrmajlija, and Rakija


Macedonian denar

Time Zone

Central European Standard Time (GMT+1)

Top Picks

Lake Ohrid

Matka Canyon

Church of St. John


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