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December 26, 2022 | 06:08 PM | 0 Comments

The great Mahatma Gandhi gave a wonderful nugget of truth when he said:

Be the change you want to see in the world.

This, in essence, is the very purpose why we should relish the experience of being able to explore new places. For when we travel, the experience transforms us into another being. A being nourished by the wonders of the earth. It enhances our body, mind and spirit. Everyone wants happiness and an escape from the mundane things in life; an opportunity to see a change of atmosphere in order to relieve pent up stress, worries or fears. To be in a different place is like starting with a clean slate. Every single person you meet will only take you as they see you and won’t look at you using your past. This gives you the freedom to fully explore your surrounding without holding anything back. So why should we travel? We look at a few reasons.. some of which you may know and some which you may find interesting.

#1. Allows you to have new experiences

There is no better way to have new experiences than to just get out. And travelling or going on holidays seem the most wonderful therapy in terms of gaining and learning.  Each time you pack your bag and go out on an adventure it opens a world of new possibilities for you. You learn a lot of things and wisdom seeps through you consciously as well as subconsciously. By visiting different places, you get to experience and relish different dimensions in life and that will enrich your inner self which can be very invaluable.

#2. It can unravel the real you

The adventures you take will and can challenge every pore in your body. This will cause you to come face to face with some issues that are embedded deep within you. It brings you to the here and now of your life which rarely happens in the hustle and bustle of the current lifestyle all of us are going through. As you break away from the shackles of routine, you’ll be able to deal with your present situation and understand yourself better because at this current juncture you do not have time for that nor do you have that particular environment for you to understand your inner self. Getting away can help you understand your inner being and will enliven your suppressed bliss that has been dormant for many years.

#3. Helps you gain a better perspective on life

The people you meet in your travel will help you shift your focus from your problems to the opportunities you are given in life. It can help you live a life of gratitude as you gain a new perspective on life’s essentials. Sometimes we take things for granted because we live in a wealthy nation. Or sometimes we feel that life is very unfair. The truth is that we are very lucky and we can only understand this if we see a lot of people not having even the simplest things to go on with their lifestyle. We can call ourselves lucky especially when we see situation that are  very abominable or something we probably take for granted. So to get a good perspective of life in general, travelling and seeing new things, can help shape our thoughts and build our outlook in life to a more positive one. 

3 #4. Exposure to diverse cultures

By travelling, you’ll be aware of the beauty that diversity provides. You will have the chance to learn a new art or language; taste something new or try out a new dress. The people in the place will be your guide to understanding the history of their land. This is a great time to learn about different cultures and why they do it as such. It helps us increase our awareness to different regions and their lifestyles and digesting it so that we can understand how diversity is needed in this world to make it a great world.

#5. Appreciating mother nature

It brings us closer to mother nature and this is something special. Seeing new surroundings first-hand can leave us mesmerised at times. You will experience nature’s beauty like never before when you travel and sightsee the most exotic places in the world. It is not a great wonder why we as humans like forest trails, beaches and mountains. Our DNA has been programmed as such and the more we seek solace in nature, the more we will benefit. Apart from its health benefits like fresh air and tranquility, it helps us unwind and give us a great peace of mind  and a sense of well being.


#6. Deepens family bond

Memories are built each time you travel with your family. The quality time you spend with them will strengthen your bond and draw you closer to each other. In a foreign land, you will only have each other to rely on, so every moment really counts. And being away from home, you strengthen your relationship much more as you are one strong and united unit. The disturbed mind always bugs us when we are alone but if we are with our family, it does not to try its tricks so much. It might also help resolve any niggling issues or baggage that any of the family member is carrying. At least this time around, family time will be real quality time. Going on holidays and tours to different destinations can help anyone. It is not something that only rich folks should do or should it be a typical outing where we sight see and be merry. It should be very meaningful if planned properly. It is about time you decide where you want to go this year so that you can enhance your inner self. Go ahead.. give yourself a treat.

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