North and South Tunisia Tour Package

North and South Tunisia tour package typically includes a visit to the historical and cultural sites of Northern Tunisia, such as the ancient Roman city of Carthage, the Bardo Museum, and the medina of Tunis. It also includes a visit to the Southern Tunisia, where tourists can explore the Sahara desert, visit the traditional Berber villages and see the famous Star Wars filming locations.

The package usually includes accommodation, transportation, and guided tours. Some tour packages may also include activities such as camel riding, hot air balloon rides, and quad biking in the desert.


North and South Tunisia Tour Package

Sousse is a vibrant seaside city, boasting a rich history and culture, stunning beaches, and a charming medina that transports visitors back in time, a perfect destination to experience the best of Tunisia's Mediterranean charm.

North and South Tunisia Tour Package

The Ribat of Sousse is a stunning 8th-century fortress, an architectural masterpiece that stands as a testament to the city's rich history and cultural heritage, a must-see attraction for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts.

North and South Tunisia Tour Package

A visit to Sidi Bou Said and Carthage is known for its stunning blue and white architecture, stunning sea views, and its rich cultural heritage dating back to the Roman empire, a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.


  • Sousse
  • Tunis
  • Carthage
  • Sidi Bou Said
  • Mahdia Governorate
  • Matmata
  • Douz
  • Tozeur
  • Kairouan Governorate
  • Hammamet
  • Nabeul Governorate
  • Kelibia
  • Tunisia
Day 01: Arrival Day 01: Arrival
Arrival at Tunis Carthage airport, assistance, and transfer to your hotel in Tunis. Check-in, dinner, and overnight in the hotel.
Day 02: Tunis - Carthage - Sidi Bou Said - Bardo Museum - Sousse Day 02: Tunis - Carthage - Sidi Bou Said - Bardo Museum - Sousse
After breakfast, checkout and Explore Carthage (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the capital of the ancient Carthaginian Empire. Visit Byrsa Hill to see the ruins of Roman buildings and Carthage Museum. See the Tophet, where urns containing the ashes and milk teeth of 8th century BC children have been unearthed. Visit Antonine Baths, a huge Roman bath complex on the edge of the Mediterranean. Visit the theatre and Punic Port. Then visit Sidi Bou Said: stroll through the narrow streets of Sidi Bou Said, a picturesque small town bordered by white-washed houses with blue shutters and doors. Check out the various art galleries and try some mint tea in one of the traditional street cafes while enjoying the superb view of the gulf of Tunisia. Then, spend some leisure time indulging in shopping. Lunch in a restaurant. Visit of Bardo Museum (closed on Mondays), one of the best archaeological museums in the Mediterranean, which is especially well-known for its beautiful collection of mosaics. The museum is located in an old palace that belongs to the Beys, rulers of Tunisia. Next, visit to Tunis’ Medina where we will see the “old Tunisia” which includes the Medina, the ‘European’ quarter built at the beginning of the 20th century and the new modern suburbs. For more than 500 years, the Medina has been the historic heart of Tunis and UNESCO has classified it as a World Heritage Site due to its fascinating and exotic maze of streets. We will stop by the Zaitouna Mosque (from outside), the mosque of Sidi Mehrez, and the mausoleum of the Husainides princes. We will continue to Sousse, installation in the hotel, dinner, and overnight.
Day 03: Sousse - El Jem - Matmata - Douz Day 03: Sousse - El Jem - Matmata - Douz
After breakfast, visit the Medina of Sousse which is one of the finest, charmed & relaxed places in Tunisia. Departure to El Jem, enthralled by one of the world’s largest and most spectacular Roman Amphitheatre. Built in 238 AD, the Amphitheatre can hold up to 35,000 spectators. This monument illustrates the grandeur and extent of the Roman Empire. Nearby is the museum of El Jem, which houses some lovely mosaics and the remains of some recently excavated luxury villas. Lunch in a restaurant. Next, we will go to Matmata which was the setting for the film Star Wars. This village, named after the Berber tribe that inhabits the region is the largest of the troglodyte communities. Departure to Douz, which is a small town that appears to be plopped down amidst the dunes that are known as the "gateway to the Sahara". In ancient times, it was an important stop on the trans-Saharan caravan routes. Hotel check-in in Douz, dinner, and overnight.
Day 04: Douz - Sahara Dunes - Chott El Jerid - Ong Jemel - Tozeur Day 04: Douz - Sahara Dunes - Chott El Jerid - Ong Jemel - Tozeur
After breakfast, 1 Hour of Camel riding in the Dunes. Departure to Tozeur via Chott El Jerid stop for a photo in Chott El Jerid (its sunbaked surface, composed of a hard crust of sodium chloride, conceals sources of underground water and the area has a vivid red color due to the high iron content.) Installation in the hotel and lunch buffet. At 14:00: Continuation in 4X4 to Nefta and ONG JEMEL, the famous place where STAR WARS was made. Return to the hotel in Tozeur, dinner, and accommodation.
Day 05: Tozeur - Chebika - Tamerza - Mides - Tozeur Day 05: Tozeur - Chebika - Tamerza - Mides - Tozeur
After breakfast, proceed in 4X4 to visit the Mountain oasis of Chebika/Tamerza and the canyon of Midès. Return to the hotel and buffet lunch. After lunch, visit the Medina of Tozeur and Dar Cherait museum. Dinner with a Tunisian show in Eden Palm (minimum 25 pax) or Douar Hafsi in Tozeur.
Day 06: Tozeur - Sbeitla - Kairouan - Hammamet Day 06: Tozeur - Sbeitla - Kairouan - Hammamet
After breakfast, checkout and continue to visit Sbeïtla via Gafsa, one of the few ancient Roman cities that is famous not only for its strategic role but also for its politics and economy have played a major role during antiquity. Proceed to Kairouan, one of the holiest sites in Islam and the spiritual home of all Tunisians. Explore Kairouan, the city which rises like a dream of ochre and tawny beige, bearing in its serenity 13 centuries of Islamic culture. Behold the wondrous beauty of its mosques, the symphony of its columns and arches and the exquisite delicacy of the stone work. Visit the Great Mosque of Uqba Bin Nafi, an important Islamic landmark and architecture which was built in the 9th century. Lunch Buffet in hotel La Kasbah 5* Kairouan, next visit Sidi Sahbi Mausoleum, which houses the tomb of one of Prophet Mohammed's companions known as the Barber. Visit the Aghladiden pools. Continuation to Hammamet, installation in the hotel, dinner, and accommodation.
Day 07: Hammamet - Nabeul - Kelibia - Kerkouane - El Haouaria Day 07: Hammamet - Nabeul - Kelibia - Kerkouane - El Haouaria
Breakfast and departure to visit Hammamet and its Medina. Departure to Nabeul: important handicrafts center most famous for pottery, distilled water from orange flowers, its roses, and jasmine plants. It is a great town of trade with many specialties: pottery, matting of rush, embroidery, and wrought iron. Visit the market where the delectable produce overflows from the colorful stalls charged with citrus fruit, strawberries or fragrant flowers to be distilled. Continuation to Kelibia, visit a charming fishing port close to a historic vestige and beautiful beaches, this lively fishing port is noteworthy for its 12th-century fort overlooking a magnificent panorama of the sea from the top of a hill. Visit of Kerkouane: on this archaeological site on the seafront are the best-preserved remains of the Carthaginian civilization: the ruins of a small city, with houses, a temple, and ramparts. Lunch in a restaurant (FISH Menu) and visit El Haouaria situated at the tip of the Cap Bon peninsula, a pretty blue and white village adjacent to imposing mines dating from Antiquity, the grottes. Return to the hotel in Hammamet, dinner, and accommodation.
Day 08: Departure Day 08: Departure
After breakfast, proceed to the International Aiport of Carthage for departure.
Hotel Type Room Type No. of Pax Price Per Pax

- Meet & assist by our representative of the agency in the airport.
- Number of accommodation nights in the chosen hotel according to package.
- Airport Transfers up APT – HTL – APT.
- All visits and excursions mentioned in the itinerary.
- Entrance fees to tourist sites mentioned in the itinerary.
- Lunches in local restaurants including ½ bottle of mineral water
- Transportation in modern air-conditioned vehicles.
- 1 Bottle of mineral water every day in the car
- Services of our professional English, French or Spanish speaking guides in private tours.





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